Puppet Layla

My puppets name is Layla Jazz Candy. She is 10 years old and her birthday is the 28th of June. My puppets pink and purple hair is as wavy as the sea. Her eyelashes flutter as she blinks. Her mouth is purple with a pink love heart as a tongue. Her skin is as green as slime running through your hands. Layla's nose is purple and her eyes are green with purple underlay.

Layla's personality is creative with different equipment and she is loving to her family and friends. She is also a team player, so she makes new friends fast and she's a bit moody well a lot. Layla lives with her sister Jazz and her Mum and Dad. They live in a mansion that is 45 storeys high. Her room is on the 11th floor, Room 12, next to her sister's room and the playroom.

Her friends are Smiggle, Abigail, Jazz, Passion, Raro and Big Red. She goes to Puppet Valley School. Her Mum and Dad over spend on their daughters!!! Layla loves playing barbies. She loves reading books and she is very smart.

Layla likes to dance with her sister and friends. Layla and her sister are famous. In their mansion they go on the elevator and push all the buttons to go on all the floors.


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