Mint Drinks

My questions:
How can I make a refreshing mint cold flavoured drink?
How am I going to make the drink taste minty?
Will the Oddfellows dissolve into the water and make it taste minty?
Will it disolve in hot water or cold water?

My prediction (Hypothesis)
The mints will disolve in the water and make it flavoured because the flavour will sink into the water.
Get a flask
Put hot water (200ml) in it
Put 2 oddfellows in the flask
Put 2 spearmint tic tacs in
Put in 2 teaspoons of icing sugar

Trail one:
Tasted sweet but made my stomach feel weird, it needs more icing sugar.
Trail two:
I put more icing sugar (2 more teaspoons), and it tasted gross!
Trail three:
It tasted perfect! I ended up putting two oddfellows, one tic tac and no icing sugar.
Trail four:
It tasted sort of a bit zingy and fizzy and I don’t know why. I put a little bit of icing sugar and only one oddfellow.
I decided to go with Trail 3 because it was the best out of all of them. I thought at the science fair most people would like it and it wouldn’t hurt your tummy. It was a really strong minty flavour.

You didn’t need icing sugar because the oddfellows had sugar. My prediction was correct when the oddfellows dissolved they made a minty drink.

The Science Lemon

We have been our science inquiry for the last two weeks.  We decided that we would make a perfume with lemons (we were going to do limes but we did not have any).

We found out that if we tried to extract a smell out of a lemon it actually takes longer that you think.  We thought that the lemon juice and zest would have the strongest lemon smell, but....we were wrong!


Wacky Hair Day to raise money for the Westpac Trust Helicopter

Can you spot the:
* bird's nest
* the teacher's hair
* the two wigs

My Masks.

On Tuesday I  made two masks out of clay.  They were green and red. I had to mould the shape with my fingers. I used a glue stick to roll it flat. I think that they are awesome.

Was it a fair test?

On Thursday 6th May Room 5 did our post-test science with jaffas and water. This was a fair test because we used hot water in each flask. We put the jaffas in at the same time and had a little bit over 100 ml of water.  We left it overnight and it still had not dissolved. The chocolate was stuck to the bottom of the flask. It took 11 minutes for the shell to crack off the chocolate (for the small jaffas). The best part was when the white and red shell's cracked off the chocolate.
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