Road Works in Action!

Outside Room 8 there are road works.  When will it stop?

Earthquake Website: JoJo's Place

'This website has been made for kids like you who have been in an earthquake. As you know, it’s scary being in an earthquake. At the moment, things are probably quite different to how they normally are. This website has lots of helpful stuff to look at and read. It might help you understand what is happening to you and how you can get through this tough time.'

Click here to be taken to JoJo's Place.

It's 'Top Secret'

Room 8 are doing a lot of 'Top Secret,' work.  This is 'Top Secret' awesomeness!  We will be blogging up more photos when we are read to reaveal our 'Top Secrets!'

Earthquakes: 5.6 & 6.3 Monday 13th June

My home is a river.  My garage has water in it.  We have power, but no water.  A glass lid fell down by my fridge and I got water on my computer.  Caleb

My brick wall fell on my roses.  Those were my favourite roses.  My cat was up the tree and Summer was upstairs.  We built a hut under the table and my cat came in the hut.  I wonder why? Nicky

Our lounge has visibly sunk, down from our living room.  The cross beams in my roof are cracked.  Our foundations are cracked and we already had to replace our piles, as they'd moved off them in the February earthquake, so we've moved off them more now.  My brother and I helped to dig liquefaction. We helped the Mt Hut ski field people dig out some guys car,  he'd just turned 92. Ryan B

When I got home I got to watch some Doctor who (A good man goes to war and the Curse of the black spot), so I could calm down from the aftershock.  Then I got fed up, so I got up and the 6.3 happened.  It started shaking and I thought that spaceships were out flying around, like the Darlic and Cyber ships... Seth

When the earthquake struck I thought that some small aftershocks would happen, but none happened.  When I got picked up we went home.  Then about 1 hour later a 6.3 hit and it was centred at Taylor's Mistake.  There were heaps of little ones.  I was so scared that I ran outside and went to the mail box.  One minutes later all of the liquefaction came up. I didn't go inside again and we stayed at my Aunty's that night.  That night there was a 4.7 at 3 am in the morning.  Liam

On Monday there were big earthquakes.  There was a 5.6 and a 6.3.  We all got under a table and is was scary.  My mum came and got me.  My street was flooded and there was liquefaction everywhere . A couple of days later my mum and me went and got some gumboots.  We got my sister some.  My mum got black boots, my sister got leopard print boots and I got skulls. It was loud at the Warehouse.  Jemma

On the way home from the 5.6 we were going to go and see my great Nana June, but the road was closed.  We just went home and when we got out of the car and went inside, to see the damage, we saw that my jewellery box had fallen off my draws.  It was broken and my TV had fallen down and had broken when the 6.3 hit.  I was outside eating a cookie time and I ran inside to get my Mum, but she said to just go outside.  I did then we moved my rabbit from the balcony to the ground my rabbits name is Roy.  My cat went missing and her name is Missy. She has had over 20 babies, one named Baylie and one named Fatty. Kimiya

On Monday I was at home sick.  I was laying on my bed sitting by the big window.  I got up straight away and rang to get my Mum.  I had liquefaction nearly come into my house and it was bubbling around the power pole.  Jacob F

Earthquakes: 5.6 & 6.3 Monday 13th June

When the 5.6 happened the class went outdoors on the field. My Mum took quite a while to get to school.  All of the streets were flooded.  Our street has water from letter box to letter box. by Amelia

On Monday there was a earthquake, first there was a 5.6 and later on there was a 6.3.  My uncle didn't feel the 5.6  because he was driving.  He was wondering why some kids were getting picked up from school.  Olivia

When the 6.3 happened my friend Anaian was at my house and we where watching a movie.  Then the 6.3 happened and Anaian was hugging me.  Gabbie

On Monday there was a big earthquake and we where all at school.  I was going to do a fitting for my jacket, but the 5.6 happened so we went home.  We stayed home and at 4 o clock we went to my Dad's house.  He lives at the back of the airport and he had power and water.  We didn't have to boil the water.    We are staying there for a week.  My Dad dropped us off at school today and he is picking us up. Yesterday we went to the airport and we had burger king for lunch.  At the airport we had lots of fun.  We played games, watched TV and I read a book.  My Dad has a pool and spa pool, but we have not been in them yet because I didn't bring my togs.  Demmy

When the 5.6 happened my brother and I were crying.  I was with Mrs Douglas and I went under her desk and I was scared.  Then my Mum picked me up from school.  Amber-Rose

When I got home we went an talked to the neighbours.  Then the 6.3 happened and Mum and I could barely stand up.  Then I wanted to go home because there was lots of liquefaction pouring out the driveway.  When we got there we looked outside and a truck was coming.  It was on the right lane and then it went into a sink hole.  The driver was ok.  There was a guy on the footpath thinking he could go on the footpath and he was going about 10-15km and he said 'Hi,' to me and then he fell into a sink hole!  Jacob L

When the 6.3 happened my friend was around at my house and we were both on the chairs next to each other, then we zoomed under the table.  When that happened my Mum and her friend spilt their coffee all over the place.  We had a pot hole from the Feb earthquake and all of the liquefaction came up our drive way and covered it!  Neco

I was riding my scooter and when the 6.3 happened I fell off it and hurt myself.  My Mum went to put the scooter away and there was another aftershock and I ran to the fence.  Adam

When  I got home and went inside everything was fine.  When the 6.3 hit there was liquefaction and water all up my driveway.  Nothing broke.  Beth

House Designers

Today for maths we all had to draw a house with rulers, in cm.  We had to do the length and the height of the big rectangle for the house, the windows, doors and the roof.  I did my roof like it was a real kind of roof and it was the kind of roof that goes on big houses.  After that we got to do our own one, but I kinda did it the same because I did the same big flowers.  The colours were red, brown, light brown and green.  I drew a man with a key near the door knob.

Our Museum of Treasures 2011 AD

We are now at the end of our immersion stage for our inquiry.  Have a look at all the things we treasure or our family treasures.  Can you find something old or something new?  What treasures have a story behind them?

Click on our label 'Thematic 2011,' or check our June 2011 archive.

What should we do for our inquiry?  What interests you now?  What do you want to find out?

What treasures can you see?

My Treasures

My green tip truck:  I brought it from the market.  It was made in China.  It is special to me because I like it.

My Shell collection:  I made it by myself.  I collected some shells and my Mum gave me some of them.  

Frog and Lizard:  I made them by myself.  I made them by hand.  

My Treasure Chest

This is my toy cat, my PSP and a wedding book.  My toy cat comes from the Teddy Facoty and my brother gave her to me when I was a baby.  My PSP is a treasure because it is old.  My river stone has crystals on it and it helps me not to get scared at night.  The wedding books is special because it tells me about their wedding and I like looking at it.

My cat is about 9 years, she is older than me!

A Growing Little Treasure

My Treasure:  Arabic Dagger
It came from Damascus, Syria.  I don't know who made it but it is engraved A.E. Bell Damascus 19-10-1942.   My Grandad Arthur gave it to my Dad.  It is a treasure because my Grandfather bought it when he was in Damascus with the R.A.F during WW2 and he died before I was born.  Grandad Arthur was stationed all over the Middle East and North Africa.  He flew Hurricanes for the R.A.F.  He bought this dagger in Damascus in a souk (open air market).   My parents keep the dagger sheathed to avoid further corrosion and they keep it away from moisture.

My other treasures:  A photo of me little, my guitar, Joy and Eeyore.  When I was little mum bought me a soft toy which I called Old Eee. I lost it in the back of my toy truck I rode around on, so mum bought me a new soft toy which I call New Eee. I was riding around on my toy truck and I lifted up the back and I found Old Eee. So now I have two Eees.

My Treasure: Dolly

This is my dolly.  It is a treasure because my Nana gave it to my Mum when my Mum was little.  When I was born my Mum gave it to me.  It has a big hole in it at the back, that's why I treasure it.  

This is my Dolly
This was my Great-great Nana

My Treasures: Dragons, Family & Pets

These are my treasures.

My Dragons:  I keep my dragon collection on a shelf.  I have so many dragons at home that if fills up my two shelves.  I like to pat them because they feel spiky and nice.  I keep them as pretend pets.  I think they look cool!
The dragon in the egg is a memory from Tina (a teacher at my school), she gave this to me and it's one of my favourites.
The big green dragon on the left was the first dragon I got.
My family and crystals are treasures for me.  I have two fossils, one shell one and one creature one.  The creature one is my favourite because it has crystals and is a creature as well.  It took me 25 minutes to choose this fossil because there were lots of crystals and fossils to buy.

The creature looks like a snail that is read and has tentacles.
My tiger is a treasure to me and it has a story behind it, my Aunty Carolyn thought I was called "Sumatra," so she got me a Sumatran tiger!  He is called 'Tiger.'

My Treasures: Seahorse and Crystals

My treasures are my seahorse and my crystals.  My treasures are special because when we went on a girls day out I got to make the seahorse with my Mum.  It took us two weeks and I keep it in my bedroom.

The crystals came from my Great-great Nana.  She gave them to me.  I keep them on my duchess and they're special because they're passed on from generations.

My handmade seahorse
My crystals

My Treasures: Scarf & Necklace

My necklace and scarf came from Canada.  My Great cousing Alison handmade the scarf and necklace.  I got them this year for my birthday.  My necklace has glass beads and I put it in an old white jar, so it will be safe.  I keep my scarf in my draw.

My Teasures: Crystals

My collection

My Treasure: Carving & Pictures

I have a carving that my Dad.  It's a necklace and it's made of shark bone.  It's also shaped as a shark.  It is a treasure because my Dad made it.  I also have carved drawings of Spiderman and Bart Simpson.  I keep them in the wash house.

My Treasures: Binoculars & Koala

I have some old binoculars from WWII.  They are a treasure to me because my Great Grandad gave them to me about 3 months before he died.  They are black and made in China.  They are very tuff.  He died last year.  I love my binoculars.

I have a teddy bear that I got when I was a 1 year old, from my Grandad.  I have only seen him two times.  My teddy is grey and black.  It is a Koala.  It is a cuddly toy.  The name of it is Cuddles.  I name it when I was 2 years old.  I love cuddles!

My Treasure: Teddies, Cats & Greenstone

My treasures are my teddies, cat and greenstone.  I had my greenstone when I was four and when we found it we put it in a safe place.  I've had my teddies since I was two I keep them in my toy barrow.

My cat 

My Treasures: Computer, Cats, Cellphone, MP3, Family & Teddy

On Christmas Day my Mum and Dad got me an MP3 player.  It was a treasure!  I love it.  I have a computer and it is a flat screen.  I have a cell phone and I have one song on it.  They are awesome and I love them.

I treasure my cats because I love them and these are the first cats I've had for this long - the other ones got run over.  I have a teddy that my Dad got for me.  I sleep with her every night.  I love them all and I love my family!

My Treasure: Pounamu Greenstone

This is a treasure for me because my Nana gave it to me.  She got it from England.  I like it because it's my favourite colour and I keep it in a suitcase.

My Treasures: Mum, Pets & Medals

My medals:  My medals are the first medals I've had.  The New Brighton Athletic club gave me a medal and Aquagym.  I hook my medals up on my draws or keep them in my draws.

My Pets and Mum:  My mother is always looking like she walked out of a salon and she is beautiful.  Indi our dog, she is the oldest dog I have ever had.  I feed my dog and take her for lots of walks.She is special to our family.  Lolly our kitten, she is the first kitten I've ever had.  

My Treasures: Soft toys

My dog is very special to me because I had it when I was a baby.  I love it and I called it Doggy.  My blanket is cold when I lay down on it, it's awesome.  My little play puppy is cute.  I put it on my self and I called it Lucy.  She is cute.  My bear is fantastic and I got it on my 7th birthday.  I love my treasures!

The CD is a Dutch song.  I love my Mum lots.

My Treasure: Seth the Dog

This is my dog Seth.  He is a stuffed dog.  It came from the Teddy Factory before it was going to close, so we go it early.  I was given Seth for my birthday when I was 8.  He is special, he sleeps on my bed, so I don't get scared in the night.  In the day I put him in one of my draws so my brother doesn't take him.

Seth is about the size of a big cat

My Treasure: Computer, Toys & Mum

These are my treasures.  I like the computer because all the time I get to play games on it.  I like all of my soft toys because I've had some of them for a long time.

I got the white teddy on the left when I was born and that's why it is special to me

My Mum is a treasure because she always takes care of me

My Treasures: Teddy Bear, Dolphin & Photos

They are my treasures because my best friend Ronald gave me the dolphin.  I keep it in my bedroom.  The teddy bear is special because my Grandad gave it to me.  I love my photos because my Mum always prints them when we go out.  I like looking at them.

My Treasure: Sam

My treasure is my pet Sam.  He is my family treasure because he is one of our favourite dogs.  He passed away on 16th July 2009 and he was 11 years old.  He was a puppy when my sister was 2 years old and my Dad got him from the SPCA.  Every morning my job was to feed Sam with dog biscuits.  When he passed away we still had dog biscuits.

This is Sam's ashes label and Sam's angel

My Treasure: Hero Factory

These toys are very awesome because they have very cool powers.  One of them can shoot ice bombs and he has a cool sword that can shoot out.  He has sharp part that goes round and round and he has an ice sword.  His name is Stormer.

The red one has a fire sword and a gun.  His weapon can shoot fire.  The grey one has a gun and a really strong ice bullet that can shoot out.  His name is Bulk.  The red one with black is called Explode.  He has bombs and a sword.  

The yellow one is called Meltdown and he has a gun and a whip.  The grey one is called Thunder and he has a tank that can shoot one big thunder ball.  The black one has a gun that can shoot bullets and the blue one is called Surge.  Surge has remotes that shoot lasers.

They are my treasures because I love Hero Factory.  

My Hero Factory collection

My Treasures: Milly, Stereo, Toys and a Box of Stuff

Last year my Mum went to work and when she came home she had a kitten in a box.  We didn't know what it was, it was a surprise!  We named her Milly.  Milly is black with white paws and a white neck.  

My stereo I got for Christmas.  I like putting stickers on it.  I have got three Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus Cd's.  My favourite song is Wake up America, by Miley Cyrus.  In my box I have a diary and cards.

My Treasure: Pounamu

I have a greenstone, Pounamu.  It come from the West Cost, in New Zealand, from the Arahura river.  My Dad's friend George made it for me.  It is special to me because it was carved especially for me and it is a Manaia symbol.  I keep it on my wall in my room.  I LOVE! it.

Write something about it

The guardian
The carrier of supernatural powers.
Traditionally depicted with the head of a bird, the body of a man and the tail of a fish - representing sky, earth and sea and the balance between. It is likened to a bird sitting on your shoulder looking after ones spirit, and when your time comes it will guide your spirit where it is supposed to go.'

My Treasures: Dolly & my Snow Globe

I got 'Dolly' from Grandma when I was little.  My Snow Globe I got when I was 6 or 7 years old.  Mum and I went out and bought the Snow Globe and on it, it says 'special little girl.'  These are my treasures.

My Treasures: The Hobbit, Blanket and Box

The Hobbit is special because my Mum treasures it.  She is reading it to my brother and I.  I really like it.  My blanket was given to me by my Mum and Dad when I was born.  My box was given to me by Pearl.  It is special to me because she gave it to me at Christmas.

My Treasures from the Past

My treasurers are a signature softball, my pounamu, a vintage paper doll toy, a New Zealand softball playing shirt and a 1998 Women's World Series programme booklet.  

These treasures are from when my mum played softball

My Grandmother gave these to my Mum

My pounamu is a treasure because my Grandad doesn't live here, he lives in Masterton.  My Grandad's friend made it for me - his name was Patrick.

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