Making Our Amazing Place Playgrounds...

Our Amazing Animal Theme Playground...

This is our animal theme playground.  It took us a lot of work to get it right. Our playground is mostly made out of P\plasticine.  The rest of the playground is made out of cardboard and sticks.

Kiara was the project  manager  and she likes the hamburger stand and giraffe slide.
Oakley likes the hamburger stand and the animal train.
Haley likes the flying fox and the animal museum tree house.
Ruth likes the tunnel car park and the elephant sprinkler.

We thought a giraffe slide would be good to put in the playground on a hill.  Children can climb up the back and slide down the neck.  We had snake bars, were snakes hung down and you can climb on them.

Our Amazing Playground: An Adventure theme

Our playground had an adventure theme.  In it we have a pool, flying fox, panda, dragon, igloo, seal maze, climbing wall, turtle and dolphin swings, snake water fountain and toilets. The seal maze you can go through the maze or climb on the seal. The swings are called turtle and dolphin swings because there is a dolphin and a turtle. There is an igloo that has snow falling from the top, but it is actually white foam falling from the top of the igloo. There is a panda sculpture that you have to go through the mouth and look out its eyes.

My Amazing Playground

This playground is all about having fun and having adventures on it!  You can go down a banana slide and it feels like you're in a banana.  There's a fruit house and you can climb up the carrots which have holes in them, it's like a rock climbing wall.  If you're not too sure you want to go up it there's a ladder.  In the fruit house there's fruit you can find and you can put them into a puzzle.  When you get all of them right you get to go onto the fruit flying fox!

Our Amazing Playground Design: Lego Playground

Our playground is amazing because it is a Lego playground.  We made Lego men that talk to you, you can climb up a fort and look all over the playground. It also has a slide and we also have ninja push toys that you punch and kick.  You feel like you are fighting a real ninja!

Our Amazing Playground...

Our playground is about dinosaurs. Our playground is amazing because it is like it is in the time of the dinosaurs. Our playground should be built because it has a big toilet, two drinking fountains, a long seat, a shade area under the tree by the toilets. Our playground is for the children who suffered in the earthquake.

My Roller Coaster Theme Park

I came up with doing a Roller Coaster theme park because I thought it sounded interesting. When you go to my playground you can go to the Roller Coaster and sit in the carts. Then you go on the track of the Roller Coaster. After that you can go to the telescope and look through the telescope. When you look through the telescope you can turn the telescope anywhere you like. At the tables and chairs you can sit down on the chairs and you can watch the people on the roller coaster.  When you get to the bouncy tyres and rope swing you hold on to the rope and swing. The tyres are there for you to land on.

Our Amazing Playground Mystery Bus Trip...

We went on a amazing bus trip for our inquiry.  We went to Marine Parade Park,  Pack 'n Save park at Wainoni, Murchison Park, Bishopdale Park and the Botanic Gardens.  My favorite park was the Bishopdale Park with the elephant because it was the only that had an obstacle course and a giant slide.  At the park near Pack 'n Save there was a giant climbing net and a spinning chair. 

Camp Fun!

The below photos are courtesy of Stella's Dad.  We had such fun at camp...

Waipara Boys Brigade Camp

I went to Waipara Boys Brigade camp.  I went in Maisie's van.  When we got there Maisie, Depenga, Caitlyn and I got our stuff out of the van. Then we got our bags and suitcases. Once we had finished doing that we had lunch.  Then we did some activities, like riffle shooting, bivvy building, archery,                
confidence course, team building, and other stuff.  

The first picture is of me doing bivvy building that was cool.  The next picture is when I'm still in bivvy building, it's the same one except I'm with Neco and Jayden.  The last photo is team building.  Jayden was telling me where to go. I listened to Jayden and made it to the other side. When we got back to school I went home with mum. I enjoyed going to Waipara Boys Brigade camp.  

Yummy Pikelets

On Tuesday we were going to camp. I went in my Mum's car. When we got there we put our bags in our bunk rooms. Then we got ready for our activities.  We did hobo stoves, team building and more.  My favourite activity was hobo stoves you got to make yummy pikelets.

Making a Bivvy...

On Tuesday we went to camp. I did Bivvy building with my friend Haley. What you have to do is get a big black piece of plastic and some colour string. With the big black piece of plastic and colour string you are making a house. Haley and I tied some of the black metal plastic with the coloured string on to a tree.                                  

The Waterhole...

At camp we did all sorts of things, like bivvy building, riffle shooting, archery, orienteering, hobo stoves, herbivores & carnivores, waterhole, team building, confidence course and ropes and swings.

 My favourite activity was probably bivvy building. You make a bivvy with tarpaulin and string. Then go under it and the lady who was running it poured water over it. If you get wet you didn't make it and if you don't well... good work! Maddy and I made a bivvy together and didn't get wet.

 My next favourite activity was archery. It was a lot of fun, but Ross who did archery talked a lot. When we rotated my group had to stay and do another round. I LOVED the waterhole, it was so much fun. I went down the mini water slide and swung on the rope, but the water was so so so cold! After the water hole all of us went to the giant water slide it was so big!

Nathan's Waipara Camp

When I went to camp I did bivvy building and it was my favourite.  We did it on the second day. Riker was my buddy.  I liked the lake the most out of the water slide.  Mainly because it was 2m deep.

Toboggan Camp Fun!

In week 9 we went to Waipara Boys Brigade camp.  In the top photo I crashed on the toboggans.  It really hurt.  My favourite activity was riffle shooting.  There was a swing with rope and a piece of wood.  In the second photo I am sitting on the rope swing by a tree. We built rafts and ours was the biggest.  We may have got a bit of help from Clint.  The fun part was lighting the raft on fire.  At night, Ryan, Jayden P, Zander, Nathan and I picked who would sleep on the top bunk and bottom bunk.   

Team Building at Camp

Building Fire Rafts

On Tuesday our class went to Waipara Boys Brigade camp. We did lots of activities like the water hole, the water slide, orienteering, Herbivores and Carnivores, bivvy building, the confidence course, the river walk, archery, rifle shooting, team building, flying fox, swings and the krypton factor.  My three best activities were the water hole, the water slide and Herbivores and Carnivores. I was in cabin 12 with Devon, Marcus, Jayden K and Noah.  There was also games we could play like foosball, mini golf and trampoline and if we asked we could go on the toboggans. Some people got hurt on the toboggans so I didn't go on them.

Awesome Camp!

I made pikelets on the hobo stove and they burnt.  They still tasted yummy. I went sliding down the water slide and it was slippery.

Waipara Boys Brigade Camp

At camp we did all of these different activities: archery, bivvy building, hobo stoves, orienteering, the flying fox, water slide, water hole, team building and the confidence course.  They were all really fun! In the first photo Elizabeth and I were cooking pikelets on a hobo stove. Some of the edges of the pikelet burnt, but it still tasted really yummy. In the second photo Meg and I were making a small raft, out of things around the area, to go in the river. It was going to be set on fire and float down the river. Meg and I made two small rafts. In the third photo Ted the dog was posing for the photo. Teds owner was Ross the camp manger.I loved camp!

My Time at Camp...

At camp we did so many things I loved all of it . My favourite activity was archery.  It was scary at the start, but I got stronger.  The only thing I didn't like was being there for only 3 days.  My mum was there as well and that was nice.  I want to go to Waipara camp again with my family and friends.

Maisie's First Fun Camp!

At camp I made a bivvy with Tamzin. The bivvy in the first picture is the one we made.  In the second picture I am getting ready to shoot an arrow in archery.  I am waiting for my turn in rifle shooting in the last picture.  My favorite things at camp were the water hole, breakfast and the flying fox. I liked the herbivores and carnivores game. I loved camp!

Zander's Awesome Day at Camp...

We went to Waipara camp.  I did hobo stoves and we made pikelets.  It tasted yummy.  Then we did rifle shooting and I hit about ten cans.

Camp fun...

In my first photo I am doing hobo stoves. At hobo stoves you get a little baked beans can and light it on fire.  Then you put a metal bucket on top and put pikelet mixture on the metal bucket.  Your pikelet is ready to turn when it has bubbles on top. In the second photo I am hugging a tall and fat tree because I am trying to build a bivvcy.  In the third photo Marcus, Kiara and I are at the confidence course.

My First Day at Camp...

In the first photo I am at hobo stoves we made pikelets.  We cooked our pikelets on really old large cans.  I made a bivvy and this is something you make when you're out in the wild or you can just make it for shelter.

Camp fun...

At camp we went to the water hole and it was freezing in there, but I went in. After that Ryan, Campbell, Zander, Nathan and I we picked who would sleep on the top bunk.  The next day we did heaps of activities.  My favourite activity was the hobo stoves and we had to sing a song. 

Waipara Camp

In my first picture I am sitting on a wooden seat waiting to do rifle shooting.  In the next photo I am holding up my Easter eggs.  We got the easter eggs from the eater bunny (Paul our Acting Principal).  In the last photo I am holding up some rope and making a bivvy.  

Marcus at Camp...

At camp we went to the water hole and the water was not cold.  I went on the mini water slide.  It went a little bit fast, but it was fun. Next we got in to our activity groups.  First we did hobo stoves.  On the hobo stoves I cooked pikelets. They were yummy and bunt. Then we did the confidence course, but it was pretty much an obstacle course, but lots of fun.  Next we did bivvy building and we had to build a tent with only string and a cover.  We built the best bivvy because we didn't get wet.  The next day we went on the water slide.  I was the first person to down the water slide.   We did orienteering and then we went on the swings and flying fox. It was the best camp every.
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