Christmas Movies

Some of the children created a couple of movies.  Due to Room 5 moving to Room 8 and other end of year commitments, it was a bit of a rush for the children.  However, a very good effort!

Christmas Story

Room 5's Basket full of Soaps and Bath Bombz Draw

Make a gold coin donation and go into the draw to win these luxurious smelly soaps and bombz. All proceeds will go to the EPMU Pike River Miners Family Support Trust.  All soaps are made with organic glycerin.

Shots from the Freeville Fair

Freeville School Fair

What a great day for a school fair!  A huge thank you to those parents who helped me to sell soap and bath bombz.  I have some soap left and bath bombz.  I'll sell this at the Freeville School Fun Day, on Tuesday 14th December.  Some of the children have asked what we could do for the families of the Pike River Miners.  We thought we could put together a few soaps/bath bombz and people could make a gold coin donation and go into the draw to win the basket of soaps etc...

Pike River Coal Miners

My son thought it was very sad 29 miners died.  This is what he said; 'There was an explosion in the Pike River mine on the Coast. I drew a picture for them.R.I.P we will never forget them.
There is still a fire in the one can go down there."

Angel's love coal mines, so that's where they go,
when they are hiding, they hide below.

(Angel's Love Coal Miners, by Craig Bancoff)

Pike River miners

It's sad to hear that Pike River miners are dead after the first explosion. I was hoping my heart out that they were still alive. Alex.

I feel really sad for all of the miners that died and for their families.  I feel really sad for the family of the seventeen year old who wanted to go to work early. It is so sad, I felt like crying.  I hoped and wished that they were still alive, but when I heard the news I was gutted. All of my heart goes out to the families.  Isaac

My new kitten

One week ago we got a new kitten. He is called Rascal because he always gets in trouble! But he is very cute.  Rascal is about four weeks old.  He was a stray cat, as this lady found him under her deck.

NZTA Safe Travel to School

Isaac, Glen, Shawnee and I made a movie about safe travel to school.  It took several times to do it properly, but it was a success! Watch our movie below.  Tim

I saw many people in the class drawing the characters for the story.  Great job Emily with the girl and Glen with 'Super Safe Guy.'  Congratulations for being one of ten schools who won a $500 Noel Leemings voucher.  Click here to see the other lucky winners.

Stars for Starship

Room 5 have been busy this week making stars.  Three stars were selected from Year 0 - 3 and Year 4 - 6.  Well done to Alex, Katelyn and Emily. Their stars will hang on the christmas tree at Starship Hospital.

Stars for Starship

Stars for Starship

Isaac and Katlin in Auckland

TVNZ 6 Schools Multimedia Challenge 2010

I travelled with Isaac and Katlin up to Auckland for the ceremony.  It was all very exciting!  We met some children from other schools and enjoyed the nibbles after the ceremony.  Room 5 got third place in the Video/Animation, Class category.  The theme was the 'environment.'  Click here to view our movie.

At TVNZ, Auckland waiting for the ceremony to start

Chocolate Swirl

This soap design was Connie's.  A dark chocolate log coated in raspberry!

Soap making-chocolate

Today we did soap making. We made Glen's soap design, it was chocolate and coconut. It smells nice!  It has layers and drop-ins. It had one layer of chocolate, then coconut and then chocolate again!

TVNZ6 NetGuide Schools Multimedia Challenge 2010

What exciting news - I think I had to read the email about five times!

To view more finalists click here.

To see some 'behind the scenes bloopers,' and photos click here.

Kats in the Garden

Swirly soap

Soap Designs Come to Life

On Friday groups of children in Room 5 started to make soap.  

Soap making

Last Friday we made soap.  It was lemongrass and lime.  The shape of the soap is a rectangle. We used white glycerin and we added pigments of green and yellow.  It was lime green and a lemon yellow. When the white glycerin melted it looked like milk. 

Teacher's Skoolstar Performance

Skoolstars recording day

I was very pleased with the improvement in singing, so I can't wait to see the edited video clip.  'Blame it on the Boogie,' is such an energetic song to sing.  You all sung your hearts out! The school will be having to shows on Wednesday 10th November.

Teacher's Don't Have Long Weekends

I spent my weekend testing out my soap skills and making a very big mess in my house.
Tomorrow I'll be starting to take groups of children through the soap making process.
My son was asking me if he could eat the Lions......they smelt so good!

A little bit of Lemon Grove and Luffa Lava

Dreamy Chocolat

De Kitty Kat Shake

Exploring Soap Design

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