NZTA Safe Travel to School

Isaac, Glen, Shawnee and I made a movie about safe travel to school.  It took several times to do it properly, but it was a success! Watch our movie below.  Tim

I saw many people in the class drawing the characters for the story.  Great job Emily with the girl and Glen with 'Super Safe Guy.'  Congratulations for being one of ten schools who won a $500 Noel Leemings voucher.  Click here to see the other lucky winners.


  1. I think you all showed a lot of perseverance when creating this movie. You worked to a deadline and I think your movie is very entertaining to watch. Tim, your filming on the camera was spot on! Elizabeth

  2. Congratulations! Once again I'm impressed by the creative, artistic, thoughtful (and sometimes noisy) efforts of Room 5. Super Safe Man is a great hero, and what a cool voice!

  3. Well done all you budding film-makers. Peter Jackson had better watch out - Room 5 are ready to storm the world with their successes!
    well done on a fine effort.
    Mrs Derham

  4. We loved the film, really got the message to us in a very creative way. Congraultaions on being the 10 best in New Zealand. We actually think you're the best.


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