Looking at Venetian Masks...

On the left hand side Meg and Niamh are looking at some designs on this Venetian mask.  What designs can you see? On the right hand side Kimiya is drawing a mask from our Pinterest. If you click on our 'Pintrest' you will lots of amazing Venetian masks!

The NED Show...

On Wednesday we went to the NED Show and learnt  all about yoyos and caring for each other.  The 'N'  stands for Never give up.  The 'E' stands for Encourage others.  The 'D' stands for Do your best.

Do you wear your cycle helmet correctly?

On Friday eleven children bought their bike helmets to school.  We wanted to know how many children put their helmets on the right way. They had to sit on a chair and put on their helmets, and stand up and fold their arms.  It was sort of like a test and they all failed.  All the children didn't put their helmets on correctly.

We even found a broken helmet and some children had helmets too small for them.

Elizabeth showed us how to put on a helmet correctly.

Can you see what's wrong?
What has changed?

A view from Venice...

Look where Toby is now!  I've also created a board on our 'Pinterest,' so you can view all the wonderful photos of Toby and Fuppet Jack!  Just click on our 'Pinterest' button at the top of our blog.

What have you been up to in the Holidays?

I saw Demmy and Amber-Rose at a KidsFest event.  I watched a dog herd some ducks around an obstacle course and saw a chicken sitting on a donkey.

Look where he is!

Click here to find out where Jack is...  I think he's having a great time with Toby and seeing some amazing places!

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