Our iMac has been STOLEN!!!

When I found out our iMac had been stolen I went crazy with anger!  It was not fair if you ask me.  We were sad because it cost a lot of money and it was the best computer we ever had. We used it for writing on our blog and it had all of our movies on it.  The police are going to be coming at 1.45pm to look for foot or finger prints on the ground.

Where is our iMac?

Treasures from the Olden Days...

Anthony came to our school and showed us what old treasures are.  He users showed us old clothes.  Boys used to dressed until they were 5 years old.  Women wore under garments and twelve petty coats with a  woollen dress.   

They wore a corset on their waist.  The boys used to wear leather pants with straps up to their shoulders,  blue t-shirts and dark blue jackets over top.  Anthony also showed us what they used for a washing board and a vacuum cleaner that you have to smack against a rug to get rid of the dust.   

He showed us an old camera.  You had to stand there for a minute before it took the photo. When the English came to Christchurch, on a ship, there was one cabin called cabin class.  This was for the rich people.  They had servants and fresh milk and eggs.  They were the lucky ones, but they were under the poop deck.  The bad thing was that the pooh and wee came through the roof at night.  One adult had an umbrella over his head.  That was funny!   

What ladies used to wear, very heavy!
Some treasures from Early Canterbury....can you see what they would use for  a vacuum cleaner?
Early settlers didn't wear shoes, the Maori people made shoes like this

The Mesuem visit 2

 Today we had the museum visit.  A 160 years ago people came in ships to Christchurch from England and they sailed for 4 months.  They had salted beef and raisins.  Their toilet was a bucket and there were two different classes in the big boat.  

The cabin class and steerage. On the ships they had cows and chickens.   They pooped and weed!  That's yuck!  The wee would drip through the wood, one of the passengers had an umbrella on top of his bed.

The families that were on the boat they had to sleep all together at night.  They sailed for four months and arrived in Lyttleton.  Then they went over the Port Hills, then they were in Christchurch.  In Christchurch there weren't many houses.  It was a swamp. 

Our favourite part was being shown the photos from 160 years ago and being shown the old treasures.

How old is the first Fire Station? 

Looking at the photos 
It's Jackson looking at the old photos 
Seth's Dad showing us the clothes men wore 

The Museum Visit

Today we went into a classroom and we learnt about in 1985. Seth’s Dad Anthony came and told us about the olden days.  We had heaps of fun and we saw olden days stuff, like an old camera.  There were heaps of photos of the cathedral. We heard funny stuff, like a three person bike, it looked really really funny. Seth's Dad showed us the clothes that people used to wear.  The girls underwear was funny. But why?  

Girls under garment
Looking at photos of early Canterbury
Seth's Dad is showing us photos

Thank You

A huge thank you to Pak 'n Save in Sylvia Park, U-Pic Products of Dunedin and the Franklin Baptist Church from Pukekohe for our bumble bee box of goodies!  We were so excited to take these home at the end of the day!

The knitted scarf

On Monday I knitted a scarf and it took a week to do it. I finished yesterday at 3.00 pm. It is dark green, light green and blue.  Next time I am going to knit a sleeping bag.
I need to sew in my ends
My knitted sleeping bag

Beanies for Bedtime Project

'To promote the old idea of wearing a hat at night to help stay warm given that many homes are not as warm as they were pre earthquakes.'

Today we got a huge surprise.  Ngarie and her friend came and gave us all beanies.  We had got beanies because some of us might have very cold houses in the winter and some people might have houses that have no power. When we saw the hats we were very excited to try the beanies and our table was the third one to try the beanies.   I chose one that was green, brown and red.  Other people got blue and purple, but others were mostly red. There were labels on all of the beanies.  Mine came from Sally of Redcliffs.

Thanks to all of the knitters who made the beanies we were given.

This is the places and knitters we got our beanies from:
Christchurch Methodist Parish,  Sally of Redcliffs, Canterbury Can from Hawarden, Tauranga, Mrs McDonagh from New Plymouth, Chartwell Parish in Hamilton, Lois from New Brighton, Dunedin, Ann from Christchurch, Trinity Church Torbay Auckland, Gwen of Mairehau, Billy of Canterbury and Jan of Hamilton.

The Fun Run!

This is our fun run, we ran in the Year 3/4 races.  We all had so much fun.  We ran hard out, so much so, that we were tired and wanted to go to sleep.  We all ran for a long time and watched the teachers race each other.  Then it was time for the prize-giving.   We all saw the people in Year 5/6 and older get into the zones. It was so fun. Here are some photos of us competing in the fun run!

Warming up 
Starting line
Team work - best way to travel over earthquake bumps
Forgot my helmet!
Through the finish

Our Mums

Here's some of the things we want to say about our Mum's:
  • really good at reading
  • amazing at art
  • likes to bake
  • caring
  • loving
  • a funny sense of humour
  • a jelly bean eater
  • as adventurous as a cat
  • understands everything we say
  • New Zealand's fry cook
  • as pretty as an angle
  • kind
  • awesome at cooking sausages
  • amazing at drama
  • she puts makeup on before she goes to work
  • good at knitting
  • her smile is big
  • likes PS 3
  • awesome cooking skills
  • she's a seashell
  • a cooking champion
  • she's really good at art
  • likes to wear black and dark lipstick
  • likes to bake cupcakes
  • loves bike riding

What's in the Land over the Rainbow

We think in the land over the Rainbow there is:  a guy that is floppy, a huge rainbow, ice-creams, a shooting star, flower showers, raining gumballs, planets, koru patterns, live trees, a magical land, a  sausage & fork, lolly land, teddy bear houses, fishing off the moon, heaven, castles, hills of flowers, love hearts and cloud houses.

All art work created by Room 8.  Actual size of artworks A2.

The Tornado

When the tornado happened in Auckland my uncle was driving back from work.  My Aunty could hear the noise and the rumble and she was hugging her children.  Logan, my nephew was funny, because he said 'What's going to happen?'  My uncle saw the tornado and it had finished before he got where he was going,  he was lucky because he couldn't move because their were cars in front of him.

Grasshopper Symphony

In my garden lives a group of green grasshoppers. Each night they sing to each other...I called one Rosebud, she lives in the rose bush.  I wonder what will happen to them once winter comes? I think they have been laying eggs, when will they hatch?

My Birthday

In the holidays it was my birthday. My mum made a cake with my sister. It was a banana cake. We all went ice skating after we had food. Jemma, Kimya and I won a ticket for best dancing. Olivia, Jemma and Kimya won a ticket for the light shinning on them. It was fun. After the party my mum and I had to drop off Kimya and Pearl at their houses.

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