The Mesuem visit 2

 Today we had the museum visit.  A 160 years ago people came in ships to Christchurch from England and they sailed for 4 months.  They had salted beef and raisins.  Their toilet was a bucket and there were two different classes in the big boat.  

The cabin class and steerage. On the ships they had cows and chickens.   They pooped and weed!  That's yuck!  The wee would drip through the wood, one of the passengers had an umbrella on top of his bed.

The families that were on the boat they had to sleep all together at night.  They sailed for four months and arrived in Lyttleton.  Then they went over the Port Hills, then they were in Christchurch.  In Christchurch there weren't many houses.  It was a swamp. 

Our favourite part was being shown the photos from 160 years ago and being shown the old treasures.

How old is the first Fire Station? 

Looking at the photos 
It's Jackson looking at the old photos 
Seth's Dad showing us the clothes men wore 

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