Learning Team 3 Cultural Experience

I tried taro and I have never eaten this before. My Dad made homemade pizza. It was good because I got to try different foods from other countries, like China. Lucan

Thanks to all of the parents for their tremendous effort. Watch the slideshow below to see some of the foods that came along from different cultures. Can you name some of the different foods and what country the originate form? Elizabeth

Merry Christmas Room 12!

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Stars for Starship

My star got picked to go on to the Starship christmas tree, at Starship Hospital in Auckland.  It was very hard to make the star because I used a glue gun.  It was very hot, so you had to be careful.   At  the same time you had to make it neat.  Then after that I decided what glitter and what colours to use.  I went with gold glitter and purple paint.  It was very difficult.  When I got told my star was picked to go to Auckland I felt very very happy because it was out of the whole class.  My star is the one on the left.  By Leodicia

Go Bananas for Orang utans!

Finesi and I made a slideshow about the 'Go Bananas for Orang utans.' We had fun selling the banana cakes and muffins. We sold them for a dollar or 50 cents. I went to the Orang utans cake sale and helped sell them. My mum made some muffins. On top of the muffins she iced orang utan faces. By Jackson

Sailing at Lake Rua

On Tuesday the 24th of November Room 12 went sailing at Lake Rua. It took 20 minutes to get to the lake and when everyone got there the people who were taking us ran through the main parts of the Optimist boat.

They told us to get into three pairs. Katelyn, Bailey and I went together to put up the Optimist boat. We had trouble doing the blood knot. This knot keeps the main sheet up, so it wont capsize. If you let go of the rope it will just stay there.

We had two Optimist boats out and one was for girls and one was for boys. The first person to capsize their boat was Carlos and Michelle was the first girl to nearly capsize her boat, but the man helped her so she didn't. When it was my turn I was scared to go out, but it was fun.

Everyone had to go around the buoy. That is a little ball that floats in the water. It is difficult to turn around because it feels like you’re going to fall out! If you let go of the tiller it will turn the other way and you might crash or you might capsize. By Ashleigh

A Hunger for Palm oil

A Hunger for Palm oil is a website we created for the TVNZ Multimedia WebChallenge 2009. We made this website about Sumartran Tigers, Orangutans and about how they are effected by the palm oil growing in their habitat.  On food labels palm oil is not always labelled.

If you want to learn more about Palm oil visit our website at:

by Anahera

Japanese Students

In Term 4, on Friday 6th November we had 5 Japanese students come to our class, at Freeville School. Their names were Kenta, Shoko, Mayuko, Yuko and Yoko.  They talked to us about life in Japan.  

They showed us a slideshow, it was as if we were in Japan.  Hearing about sumo fighting and bento lunches;it was a inspirational afternoon.  We will never forget it.  Only half an hour can turn into years of experience.

They taught us how to make a Origami paper plane - Japanese style.  We have the instructions below if you want to make one at home.  We also found out that the population of Japan is 127 million compared to 4.5 million in New Zealand.

By Ethan C, Glen and Daniel    

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