David Tua visits Freeville School

Pete won an auction on Trademe, a date with David Tua.  The proceeds went to the Breast Cancer Foundation.  Pete decided to bring David Tua to some of the schools on the Eastern side of Christchurch.  David Tua gave out 8 pairs of signed boxing gloves. Elizabeth

I was one of the 8 who got boxing gloves.  When I got the boxing gloves I was so happy. Seth

All Blacks Parade in Christchurch

Who can you see in the photos?

'Train Station' and 'Peter and the Wild Poaka'

Click here to view the song 'Train Station.'

Click here to view our movie 'Peter and the Wild Poaka.'

FreevilleWood Studio 16 - Paparazzi Shots

Did anyone see Mr Beeg Phatceegar, Hollywood Agent & Talent Scout?

V.I.P passes
Popcorn ready to munch
Verifying V.I.P passes

Waiting for FreevilleWood Studio 16 doors to open
The show is just about ready to start

I present....Train Station...Peter and the Wild Poaka
A smiling audience
Can you see Peter?

FreevilleWood Studio 16

A message to Parents/Caregivers....

Come along to FreevilleWood Studio 16, Friday 7th October, 2 - 3 pm.

Note this is a high security event.  You must be wearing your V.I.P pass and have your gold coin donation ready.  There will be popcorn available and some cupcakes to purchase.  All proceeds will go to the SPCA.

The new premier of 'Peter and the Wild Poaka'
Never seen before....'Behind the scenes footage.'
A newly released single by Ryan B, 'Train Station.'

View the wall displays and see the characters from the movie or music video in real-life.....
We can't give away too much else....

Music Video: Behind the Scenes Photos

Music Video: Train Station

Ryan B, Manaia and I made the train crash backdrop.  Ryan B told us what to do and it was hard work.  Manaia drew the train.

Music Video: Train Station

I helped to make the backdrops for the movie, it was fun.  I did this with Courtney and Jemma.  It was hard and we used lots and lots of pencils, and crayons.  I also did the flower path.

Movie Making: Inspiration

The jaw bone of a Captain Cooker pig

Our Caretaker, (aka Pig Hunter)

Movie Making: We Created Everything

We made our second movie this year and it was called Peter and the Wild Poaka.  We did the backdrops, designed the puppets, did the filming, voices, moved the puppets and made the storyboard.  My favourite part of the movie was filming because I learnt how to move the camera around.  The characters were Peter, Grandfather, Poaka, DOC Rangers, Pukeko, cat and fantail.  When we finished the movie it was great to watch.

Movie Making: Creating the Wild Poaka

I did the filming and drew the poaka. I also helped with the storyboard. It took awhile to make, but it was fun. I also drew the backgrounds.

Starting the backdrops
Creating the storyboard

Creating the wild poaka

Movie Making: Backdrops

We made an animation called Peter and the Wild Poaka, but a NZ version.  It was about a little boy that went out to the wetlands and he found a wild poaka. He catches it up in the tree. I drew and helped to create some backdrops.

Movie Making: Peter and the Wild Poaka

We made a movie called 'Peter and the Wild Poaka.'  I was the pukeko's voice in the movie. Lots of people are coming to the Freevillwood studio 16 today.  My Mum is not coming beacuse she is at work.

Pukeko puppet made by Amelia

Movie Making: The Cat

This is the cat the I made for the movie.  Courtney helped me colour the cat in.  I had to make the cat look left and right.  I also had to make a large one and we did the backdrop behind the cat.  I helped by colouring the grass and trees.

Helping with the backdrop
Larger cat
Smaller cat

Movie Making: Behind the Scenes

Peter and the Wild Poaka I wrote the story with Amelia. At first we wrote different versions of the story. Then we couldn’t decide who’s was best so we put the good bits of each others story's into one.

Then we came up with the main story. Then I drew some of the storyboard. We had to draw all the scenes in the storyboard. After we drew the storyboard up Amelia and I had to write the script on the laptop.

Amelia and I had to audition people for the voices and give them a mark of 10. I was the voice of Grandfather and helped to edit the movie.

Drawing the piwakawaka
Recording our voices

The finished piwakawaka
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