FreevilleWood Studio 16

A message to Parents/Caregivers....

Come along to FreevilleWood Studio 16, Friday 7th October, 2 - 3 pm.

Note this is a high security event.  You must be wearing your V.I.P pass and have your gold coin donation ready.  There will be popcorn available and some cupcakes to purchase.  All proceeds will go to the SPCA.

The new premier of 'Peter and the Wild Poaka'
Never seen before....'Behind the scenes footage.'
A newly released single by Ryan B, 'Train Station.'

View the wall displays and see the characters from the movie or music video in real-life.....
We can't give away too much else....

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  1. Congratulations in becoming finalists in the MADE AWARDS 2001, in the Music Video category and Storytelling category.


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