Abstract ART

Christchurch Art Gallery, Te Puna O Waiwhetu Screen Printing Lesson:

Today we went to the relocatable east and we learnt about abstract art. First we did the screen printing.  We wrote our name on the back of card and each group had to line up and wait for their turn.  When it was your turn you had to screen print your paper.  The lady put paint on the screen and you used the squeegee to go back and forth.  You then opened the lid of the screen and took your piece of paper off the screen printer.  After the screen printing we put dye on the paper and blew with the straw to move the paint around.      

The dye...
One of the paintings by Max Gimbett
The screen...
The squeegee on the screen

Blowing the dye on the paper... 

Passing Wind Show

Linsey Pollak came to our school and gave us a lesson about how to make music with tubes, electric instruments. Best of all we saw Mr Curly, the hose. He showed us awesome music. One was called the didgeridoo. We saw all his panpipes and the finger piano. The chaosmatic was cool. The name of the show was ‘Passing Wind.

Click here to visit Linsey's website.

The Linsey Pollak Show

When Linsey spoke into the microphone he had a funny voice!  He showed my class funny instruments, one was a funny garden piece of hose called Mr Curly.  Linsey needed a volunteer and he chose Thomas.  Thomas had to speak into the microphone and his name was recorded.  Linsey played it again and recorded his voice again.  Then they added some other sounds.  After that he showed us some more instruments.


The Linsey Pollak Show

Yesterday at 1:00pm we went to the hall to watch a show, it was called Passing Wind. There was
a man called Linsey Pollak who taught us how to make music from tubes, hoses and even
a chair and a carrot. He drilled holes into them to make it sound like a flute.  He used a mini piano set and when Linsey touched these black panels, it sounded like an earthquake or lava eruption. He used tubes to make a bagpipe noise even  when he was not blowing on it.  Click here to see Linsey Play a bike seat.

Playing a camping seat... 

Manaia and Neco Linsey Pollak

Today we went to see a show called Linsey Pollak, Passing Wind. It was awesome because there were lots of instruments. Neco’s favourite was the bagpipes and mine was Mr Curly. He had a thing called kaosmatic.  The kaosmatic was a touch pad DJ.  He recorde Thomas' voice and put other sounds over it.  Linsey made a fiute with a carrot.

Linsey Pollak Show

Today Linsey Pollak came to our school.  Linsey performed for us.  He is really good. Linsey made a carrot flute. He made a flute out of garden hose with a glove on the end.  Thomas was up the front doing a few things like making different noises. Linsey asked some people to come up and play some of the instruments that were on the table.  Linsey is excellent at playing different thing,s like the carrot. The carrot is the best thing that was there. Our favourite instrument was the carrot flute.  It was a great show.

This is the carrot flute

Passing Wind!!!

On Monday we went to the Hall to see a show put on by a man called Linsey Pollak. Rooms 6, 7, 8, LT 3 and 4 went to see Linsey Pollak. The show was called Passing Wind.

Linsey Pollak is a musician/musical instrument maker. He makes musical instruments out of all sorts of things like: garden hoses, irrigation pipe, fruit and vegetables, rubber gloves, balloons, wood and watering cans. The show was awesome because our best friend got to make a song with his name.

Our favorite instruments were the finger piano and the rubber bagpipe.  Click here to see Linsey playing the bagpipe

To see Linsey Pollak demonstrate Mr Curly click here.

The Instrument Maker

We walked over to the hall and sat down.  Linsey Pollak made instruments and they made very cool noises!

Surprise Children.....

Congratulations from Miss K!!!!!!

You are the joint first place winners of the NZTA movie competition - 'Children Making Safer Journeys.'

I am very proud of you all.  To visit the NZTA Education site click here.

To see some 'behind the scene,' photos and posts click here.

Fun in the Snow!

In the snow Connor and I made two snowmen.  The little snowman is mine and the big snow man is Connor's. My dad helped Connor and I make our snowmen. Connor made his snowman first and then I made my snowman.          

In the Snow...

On Tuesday my Dad though he might have a go at making an igloo.  I thought it would be to small, but it was just right. My friend Abby came over and she helped make it. It took at least ten minutes to make it. It was a bit cold inside the igloo. My Dad also had a go at making a whale, but he did not take any photos of it. My Dad made a snow lady, but the wind blew it over.  At least he got some photos of it. The whale is a bit out of shape now and the igloo is still how it was when my Dad made it. The snow lady was tall and thin. 

Snow Lady...


This is my friend Snowy,  my sister Shyla and I made him.  We made a small version of Snowy and when we went back inside we had another idea.  We went back outside to make him bigger than he was.  He had a coat, (with lemons going down), long arms and a plant pot for a hat.

We had lots of snowball fights and I got one down Mum's coat.  Then Mum started throwing snowballs up in the air for my dog Hook to catch.  Mum and Shyla went inside.  They left Dad and I to have a big snowball fight.  I won, so Dad went inside and I paraded around the yard for a few seconds.

My Snow Castle

This is my snow castle that my neighbours and I made.  There name's are Amanda and Campbell.  We used buckets and shovels.  We made the castle and it was three layers high.  We added three layers more and I couldn't stand on it.  It is still standing at the moment.  My Dad said it will be there for a long  time.

This is the tree stump by my house
The snow castle being built....this is three layers

August Snow...

Hello Room 8!  What did you get up too in the snow? I had lots of fun playing Footbag, building a snow person and sliding down little hills.  Do you have any photos of your fun for our blog?

Snow Footbag...

Meet Rosemary...

Footbag Fun!

Yesterday a man called Phil came over to our school. He is really good at Foot bag (which is also known as Hacky Sack).  Phil is the champion of two competitions is New Zealand and Australia.  He was also came 4th in the World Championships.

When we school started we all went over to the learning studio and Phil was there. He did his show with the Footbag. A couple of hours later Phil came to our class to teach us some tricks. We all got a ball each then he blew his whistle and that told us to hold the Footbag up in the air. Then he taught us some tricks. First he taught us about the knee-bump, then he taught us the toe-kick.

Click here to watch Phil and his Footbag skills.

Where has the Footbag gone?
Can I kick the Footbag up and catch it with my hand?

Footbag with Phil

Yesterday we got an lesson from Phil.  He gave us a lesson on how to do tricks with the Footbag.  One of the tricks as the toe kick.  Where you do a karate kick, the Footbag flies in the air and you catch it.  The  second trick was called the knee bump.  First you put your knee up and then you where throw the ball up and hit it with your knee.

Practising throwing the Footbag in the air and getting it to land on our back
Balancing the Footbag on our heads...

Movie Making: Children making Safer Journeys

To make the Safer Journeys movie I had to write the story and script with Amelia and Caitlin.  I think it's hard to write the story for a movie because it was hard to get ideas.  Luckily children had made storyboards.

We had to create the puppets by drafting them and putting the good copy on cardboard.  I created the 'Car Hippie' backdrop.  I had to draw a house, a garage and the road.  Then I had to cover the pencil lines in vivid and colour the things in.  Then I dyed the paper with a group of children.  We had to wait to record our voices because there were machines outside our classroom trying to fix the court.

When we finally recorded our voices I had to edit the movie by cropping it, putting in the soundtrack and choosing the good footage.  Then the teacher showed the class and Thomas' little brother the finished product. Click here to watch our Movie.

Movie Making: Children making Safer Journeys

Ryan B, Amelia and I had to think hard for ideas for the storyboard. We ended up with 'The Road Safety Crew.' There was a car Hippie, a Wheel Ninja and the Road Alien. This is my favourite drawing and my favourite character. It was hard because I had to draw a side view of the puppet that I had drawn (front on). I also drew two characters that were in the back seat.

Movie Making: Children making Safer Journeys

Hi guys, it's Thomas here.  This is how we made our Road Safety movie.  It's on YouTube.  OK! Lets get started....first we had to make and draw people for the movie, it was cool.  I did the Safety Nina and a skateboarder.  I helped to make the background too.  I had so much fun.  Then we had to video it.  Then the class had to be quiet when we recorded our voice.  That's it!  Bye from Thomas

My 'Wheel Ninja'
My skateboarder

Movie Making: Children making Safer Journeys

I did the videoing and I was the voice of the Alien.  It was very hard to record the sound with the noise of diggers outside the classroom.  It was so much fun making the movie!

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