Bath Bombz and Soap

Our inquiry theme is 'Express Yourself.'  Since it's the school fair we'll be looking at how we can express ourselves through the senses.  We've been given the job of creating luscious soaps and smelly bath bombz.
Check out The Whiteboard Witch.  Do you remember our soaps from last year?  
Lemongrass soap with minty drop-ins
Strawberry soap
Orange soap with koru patterns
Heart bombz with pansy petals

Behind the scenes Take Two & some Bloopers

Behind the scenes Take One!

Some behind the scene footage of the filming for the 'Environmental Insiders.'

Behind the scenes of the Environmental Insiders

The children spent many hours of research, script writing and storyboarding to make their movie about the environment. I think they have a pile of research, scripting, movie ideas and storyboarding about 20cm thick!

Palm oil as a biofuel

Shots from the animation about using palm oil as a biofuel.

Creating the animals for the animatio

Photo shoot of the animals

This was a photo shoot of the animals before the got destroyed!  We have some of their body parts in the cupboard.

Sumatran tiger, Rhino, Elephant and Orang utans

Storyboarding of the Biofuel scene

Jackson is busy storyboarding Tom's idea for the biofuel segment of the movie.

Still Life Workshop some finished pieces of art

Sam LT 4
Carlos Room 3
Sarah Room 5
Sarah Room 5
Courtney LT 4

Recycled Art Workshop

I like it that we could do anything we wanted.  I'm making Spondgebob riding a tiger!

Pastel Workshop some pieces of work

Pastel Workshop

Still Life Workshop

I enjoyed mixing the different tones of paint.  In this photo we're doing a 10 minute sketch using black crayons.  We had to look at doing the shadows and shading.

Printmaking Workshop

Black and white

Tonal Still life, white, grey and black tones

Here's some photos of the artworks created in the afternoon session.

My still life

In today's workshop we learnt how to draw still life, how to use shade and shading.  I really liked the painting, it was fun!  Next I'd like to use colour and different tones.

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