Rhythm Interactive Review

I give Rhythm Interactive four stars out of five because:
It was something different and I liked it. The reason why the person who showed us the actions did not speak was because 'actions speak louder than words.'  It was fun because you got your own Djembe drum. It was a lot better than him talking because if he had to talk it would have taken a lot longer. I liked it because the noise kept getting louder and then soft.  After the show my hands hurt because I was hitting the drum so hard.  It was not just banging the drum it was clapping your hands and making funny noises. The drum is called the Djembe drum. Rhythm Interactive has 1,500 drums made by from one family.


  1. Rhythm Interactive was a great experience and I wish I could do it again! Shawnee

  2. It was fantastic. Thank you Ms K for organising it.


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