TVNZ6 NetGuide Schools Multimedia Challenge 2010

What exciting news - I think I had to read the email about five times!

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Kats in the Garden

Swirly soap

Soap Designs Come to Life

On Friday groups of children in Room 5 started to make soap.  

Soap making

Last Friday we made soap.  It was lemongrass and lime.  The shape of the soap is a rectangle. We used white glycerin and we added pigments of green and yellow.  It was lime green and a lemon yellow. When the white glycerin melted it looked like milk. 

Teacher's Skoolstar Performance

Skoolstars recording day

I was very pleased with the improvement in singing, so I can't wait to see the edited video clip.  'Blame it on the Boogie,' is such an energetic song to sing.  You all sung your hearts out! The school will be having to shows on Wednesday 10th November.

Teacher's Don't Have Long Weekends

I spent my weekend testing out my soap skills and making a very big mess in my house.
Tomorrow I'll be starting to take groups of children through the soap making process.
My son was asking me if he could eat the Lions......they smelt so good!

A little bit of Lemon Grove and Luffa Lava

Dreamy Chocolat

De Kitty Kat Shake

Exploring Soap Design

Soap materials

Today it was exciting because all of the stuff for the soap arrived! We got to smell all of essential oils.  Some smelt really strong and some smelt very nice.  We got to hold Ms K's soap cutter and it looked very sharp!

Exploring possible soap designs

In class we have been drawing soap designs.  We will then put our designs on the wall and pick the best ones to make.  We will have to make labels to say what the smell is, what colours and if you have any drop-ins.

Skoolstars - Working out the dance moves

Each day our singing is improving.  Now the children are on to working out their moves and grooves!

Mr Matt

Mr Matt can't even walk one step. He can't jump higher than a germ.  When he walks he goes 0 mm per year. He is as small as his brother. His hands are as small as half a brick. Mr Matt is weak, weaker than a baby. His hair is the same as his face, brown. 

Mr Matt's shirt is as green as green, but greaser than clean. He tries to play rugby, but every time he gets the ball he drops it. When he plays cricket he takes his whole life to bowl one ball.  At  soccer he gets the ball and scores a goal for the other team.   At basketball he doesn't even move. He also forgets what way he needs to shoot the ball and once scored 60 points for the other team.

Fred Frog Face

Fred has a round green face with black eyes and a squiggly mouth. Fred has no hair and no nose. He has a orange body and no legs He slides across the ground, but usually he rides a hover pod like Yoda’s. Fred has one blue arm with a green light saber on it. His favorite food is flies and he hates the CIS.  He's  on the Clones side. 

Emily the Zookeeper

Emily's face is round like a gumball (not as chewy). Her hair is as black as the night sky.  Her shirt is purple, like the purple in a rainbow.  Her nose is as small as a crumb.  Emily's skin is soft as a pillow.  Her pants are white like a piece of tissue paper.  She moves quietly like a mouse.

Emily is a Zookeeper.  She talks shyly and quietly.  She usually holds her favourite animal at the zoo Licky the bush baby.  In her spare time she likes to watch TV with her family and draw.  She treats everyone how she would like be treated.
Licky is Emily’s pet
Licky’s face is round.
Her eyes are just like eggs.
Licky’s nose is as small as Emily’s.  
Licky only has three teeth that aren’t shown very much.
Licky likes spending time with Emily.  She likes eating sweets and fruits, and she likes  Emily’s family and friends.  She dosen’t like other zookeepers or animals’ that tease her.  She doesn't like eating vegetables.

Cleavland Brown

My character's name is Cleavland Brown. He is as brown as brown can be (I'm not trying to be racist). He has dark black dreaded hair. His clothes are baby blue with a really cool red pac-man ghost on his fine top. He has big bulging black eyes with a ruby red smile and a black curved nose.

Cleveland Brown has a black belt, as long as a jumbo jet with racy red shoes. He strolls around like Mr T! He weighs 79 kg. Everyone thinks he is a great guy because he saved three little puppies that were stuck in a fence a couple of years ago. He kept one puppy and his name is Bruno. He is a great dog with smooth brown skin and a big black nose. Cleavland Brown is a funny, happy guy.


The worm Wormy has orange eyes. He's got a green mouth. He weighs 10000 x 10000 pounds, but he's faster than the speed of sound by 10000 x 10000 x 10000 x 10000, the speed of sound.

His round face is ghostly white. Wormy slithers in a snake like fashion. Wormy can grow invisible arms and legs. Wormy has a crimson collar. His body is as yellow as the sun. Wormy loves to have fun because he's a kind, polite party animal. Wormy makes friends easily. Wormy has good social skills. Wormy has friends around the world. If you picture wormy in your head and you meet him you might be surprised!


His name is Bob. 
Bob has a round face like a bowling ball.
Bob’s neck is as thin as pencil lead.
Bob’s teeth are as white and pointy as a vampire’s teeth.
Bob’s smile is as big as a clown’s smile .
Bob does not have any legs, but he floats .
Bob’s mouth is as giant and thick like a Hippopotamus .
Bob has a best friend called Sami that follows him everywhere .
Bob has three curly hairs like a snail’s tail.  Two are green and one is blue .
Bob has two arms but they are very small.


Ninja wears a velvety black costume and a slightly ripped, black mask with an eye opening.  His face is forced down because of his mask. Ninja wears an X-strap to hold his samurai swords.  This looks like it belongs in a saber tooth tiger skull. His eyes are black and his body is very cat like which completes his  reputation, he's very mysterious.

Ninja is very stealthy and is rarely seen in the dark. Everyone knows that whenever there's trouble, he turns up, saves the scene, the leaves, but that's all the know. No one knows who he really is, where he scouts, or even who he knows. There are so many long legends about Ninja that you couldn't fit them all in microscopic writing on an A1 piece of paper.

Ninja's mask is ripped because of his (natural or implanted, again no one knows), jagged, horns.
Ninja also has a pet dinosaur. According to scientists, its a Deinonychus, they are also very confused.
Why?  Well, it's a dinosaur for god's sake.

Sam the Cyclops

Sam the cyclops has a head like an oval, but at the top it is flat. He has no hair because he is bald.  Sam used to have an afro, but he shaved it in the 90’s. His single eye is as black as the night sky. Sam’s nose got removed in surgery. He got it removed because it was very badly infected. Sam's skin is yellow and his arms are black. Sam’s legs are as brown as Michael Jackson's were as a kid. His mouth got stitched up because of a car accident. 
He usually walks around naked because cyclops people don’t wear clothes. He does great exercises every morning because he would like to become a body-builder.  Sam never goes anywhere without his helpful friend, Starfy the starfish. 
Sam has slightly webbed feet, but he can run super fast. He talks through brilliant sign language. Sam is a minor league boxer.
Sam behaves super politely. He shows his feelings through body language. He treats everyone he meets like an old friend. Sam loves watching movies, but he hates bullies.


Olivia’s face is as round a bouncy ball. 
Olivia’s hair is as the glowing sun. 
Olivia’s eyes are as blue as the shimmering sea. 
Olivia’s skin is as wrinkly as an elephant, and green like a plant.
Her teeth are as white as a cloud and her nose is so small you can’t even see it! 
Her skirt is bright, like a lemon and her top is blue like the sky. 
Her body is like a pole. 
Olivia’s hips sway when she walks and she specks like an alien.
She treats people beautifully and she loves people who treat people nicely.   
Olivia hates bullies and is very polite.

Tennis Skills

Today Mr McQueen also organised Tennis training.  We also have this again on Thursday.

A magic tennis ball!

Will the ball make it over the net?
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