Easter Bunnies in Room 8!


John and Paul dressed up as bunny rabbits and gave out caramel eggs. They were yummy. The bunnies were pink, white, green, blue, red and yellow. They were funny and silly.  Their ears were floppy and they were very very fluffy. Have a nice Easter break! By Caleb and Demmy

A Book of Sunflowers

This is the movie we made. We've all recorded our voices. We hope you enjoy it, sit back and relax.

Making of The Book of Sunflowers

Before the earthquake we were learning about similes.  Then Elizabeth brought her sunflowers to school and said that we should get ideas from them, and write similes about them. Once they were finished we had to wait until the dye was dry. Elizabeth took pictures of them and we recorded our voices and we put it on to YouTube. These are photos of us making our similes.    

Making the title page

A Message to the Dream Maker...

Dear Dream Maker

This is how we think you can fix broken dreams:
Use the magic, put in lots of colour, put in sunlight, sprinkle lots of magic glitter and you use you're imagination.  Make shapes with your body: a spiral, then a heart and then a star, You mix the ingredient's together, then knit it.

That is how we think you can fix broken dreams.    

From Room 8

Cloak of Dreams: Meeting the Dream Maker's Assistant

We are getting shown the magic box....What could be it?
Doc is opening the box...
Out came a Cloth of Dreams, it looked magical!
We all went into the magical book.  We met the Dream Maker's Assistant and he wore a colourful  vest.
We are dancing to music.
We are taking shapes out of the cloth.  The girl has lost her dreams...
We put the dreams back on the cloth, the girl could dream again!

Cloak of Dreams: Chapter 2 Lost Dreams

We had to get the patterns off the Cloak of Dreams.  We made up actions: spiral movements, making hearts and stars.  I liked making the love hearts.  Then we had to put the patterns back on the cloak.  We put it over the girl, so she could dream again.

Gifts from Cotswold School in Christchurch

Cotswold School sent us gifts.  It was a surprise! Some of gifts were: smiggle pens, a soccer pen, an origami set, a Tinkerbell book and a hot wheels car. We are making thank you cards and we are writing about our damaged homes . Thank you so much Cotswold Schools and their School Council.

Thomas' Dance Moves

On Thursday we did some awesome dance moves with Hannah and Trudi.  They came from Auckland.  We played this game called 'What are you doing?' Everyone was in a circle and then on person was in the middle acting something out.  Then another person would say 'What are you doing?'  Then the person would say something like 'riding my bike.'  The person who asked that question would have to go into the middle and ride their bike.

We played a walking around statue kind of game.  It got trickier and trickier.  When Trudi said 'go,' we had to freeze and when she said 'freeze,' we had to go!  We had lots of fun!

The Clown that came to school

Today a clown called Squirt came to school. He was really funny because he strapped a fake mouth on Tania and she sounded like a man. She danced to music from the iPod.  feet were really big and colourful. Squirt was funny with rabbits. He made them disappear and made three of them appear out of McKenzie's hand. I was at keyboard lessons when it started. We didn't know he was coming. It was the funniest day of my life. Paul thanked them for coming to Freeville school for funniness. Dru

I liked the clown because it was funny for the children. I liked the end of it because it was really funny. Jacob L

The Clown was really funny at our school.  He did magic! Neco

I think it was so funny and the best part were the rabbits. Manaia

The funniest part was when Squirt was going to pull an adorable rabbit out of a hat, but it turned out to be an ugly monster rabbit. Beth

Click below to watch our slideshow.

What NOW: Freeville Superchefs!

I went to What Now.  On Sunday I got up at 6:00am. When I was driving power went off when I got to What Now I had to stay in a green room until 8 am. Why is it called a green room?

We got to watch TV. We had bagels for breakfast.  I had a hot chocolate and I watch Adventure Time. I fell asleep before the show started.

At the start of the show I went down a side.  It was bumpy!  I baked Energy Bars. I said "preheat the oven to 70 degrees." Click her for the recipe.

Gem fell into the gunge.  You can win the Star Wars Lego game if you dress up like a star wars character.   Alex dressed up like Darth Vader.

At the rehearsal Charlie threw flour at us!

What NOW: Freeville Superchefs Energy BARS!

Click here to vote!  This will take you to 'What NOW,' with the recipe for the Energy Bars.  Scroll down and you can vote on the process, presentation and personality.  Vote for us!

My Mum made some for the class...
The scrumptious energy bar!
It was delicious!

Digital Pet Day: Visitors

Lulu and Hera  came to visit us for our Digital Pet Day 2011.  Lulu was funny and she talked funny.  Hera was so cute.  Hera gave us a certificate and a Fredo chocolate.  

Lulu wearing Samara's doggy ears...
This is all the boys with Lulu and Hera.  Can you see Hera?
I loved Hera she was really soft!

Room 8's Digital Pet Day is Here!

Click on our tag 'Digital Pet Day 2011,' to read all about our pets!  Thank you to all of the parents and children who took some wonderful pet photos.

Digital Pet Day: Two Cats and One Dog

I have a dog and his name is Kimba.  We called him that because we had an old dog called Kimba who passed away.  So we called our new dog Kimba for a memory.  Kimba likes to chase a ball and play tug of war.  Kimba is a Staffiture.  Kimba likes to be around people and if he is not he will dig holes!  Kimba needs shelter because he doesn't like the rain.  He needs two balls and dog food each day.  At lunch time we give him water and at breakfast and tea.

I have two cats.

Digital Pet Day: Ned the Kitten

My cat is called Ned.  My cat likes to bite my foot and he likes to chase me.  He eats cat food and drinks water.  Ned is black and kind of grey.  He's got a little mouse toy with a bell on it.

Digital Pet Day: My Cat Milly

My cat's name is Milly.  She likes lying on my bed with her paws in the air.  We got her last year.  Milly hardly eats her meat, but Milly loves her biscuits.  She likes to go outside.  Once we found a butterfly wing on the porch.  I think Milly caught the butterfly.

Digital Pet Day: Turltes, Mexican Walking fish and my Dog

My dog Patch is white with brown spots and patches.  We called him Patch because he has a big patch on his back.  Patch eats dog biscuits and any leftovers from dinner.  He loves running on fields, going on walks and sleeping on my bed.  Patch has one friend called Macy.  They like to play together.  He needs water and food.  Patch can do hand-shakes and he is not that smart.  He is scared of flies.  Patch is 7 years old.

In the earthquake one of my turtles, Trevor was inside (walking around).  Yoda was in the tank.  We bought them off a friend about 2 years ago.  Trevor hides outside and buries himself and doesn't like noise.  Yoda likes exploring.

I had a Mexican walking fish who died after the earthquake, he was about 15 years old.  I now have two new Axolotls.  They are called Shaky and Quaky.

Digital Pet Day: My Dog Bella

Bella is a fun and licky dog.  One day when Pop, Bella and I went for a walk we found a tennis ball.  Bella really wanted it, so Pop told me to pick it up.  We kept throwing the ball, but she kept dropping the ball.  When we got back we stopped at the driveway.  Pop took Bella's lead off and told her to bring it inside and she did.  Bella waited at the front door for us.  When we opened the door she went straight in.

This is Bella chained to a log
Bella likes camping

Digital Pet Day: The Teacher's Pets!

Danny lived in a barrel for three years, he is now in the big pond with two other fish...they love him.
Katarzyna Le katz likes trying to catch the $2 500 parrot next door, she watches that parrot from the tree and then escapes over the fence...She has only ever caught a butterfly, though a mysterious Lizard tail was placed by a bed for someone to step on.
Zeus the killer cat, is a hunter and he is always catching rats!  You always know when he has caught something he talks....he thinks he's a dog now and in charge of the house.  Hera used to retrieve eggs in her mouth without breaking them and would spend her time sleeping on the couch... Tinkerbell is a big rabbit who is no tinkerbell, she thumps her hind legs when she wants you to take notice of her. If she has an issue with you she takes a whole day to get over her sulks.

Digital Pet Day: Tessa and Jack

I have two kittens and we got them when they were two months old and now they are four months old.   They like fighting and eating cat food.  Their names are Tessa and Jack.  They sleep in a cat bed.  Sometimes they sleep in my Mum's room.

The fluffy one is Tessa and the one in front is Jack
They like sleeping on beds!

Digital Pet Day: My Dog Billy

I have a dog called Billy.  She is a black Labrador.  Billy likes going on walks to the park and beach.  She is really fun.  She races me to her dog food.  Billy looks like the night sky.

Once Billy fell out of the car boot and landed on her bottom.  She ran around the corner and Dad had to get out of the car and go after her.

Billy needs dog food, water, love and shelter.

Billy at the beach

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