Digital Pet Day: Two Cats and One Dog

I have a dog and his name is Kimba.  We called him that because we had an old dog called Kimba who passed away.  So we called our new dog Kimba for a memory.  Kimba likes to chase a ball and play tug of war.  Kimba is a Staffiture.  Kimba likes to be around people and if he is not he will dig holes!  Kimba needs shelter because he doesn't like the rain.  He needs two balls and dog food each day.  At lunch time we give him water and at breakfast and tea.

I have two cats.


  1. very cool cats caitlin by kimiya

  2. That last photo you took Caitlin is great. I wonder what you cat is thinking? Elizabeth

  3. Geez Caitlin must take ya ages to feed all those kitty cats lol :)


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