Digital Pet Day: Jemma

My dog is called Jemma and she loves dog roll and treats.  I take her for walks all the time.  Jemma runs to me when I come to the gate.  Once when she was running on the beach she hurt her leg.  We went to the vet and she had an operation.  We can not take her for runs anymore.  Jemma is only 3 years old.

My cat Zelda she slides through the hole in the gate and plays out on the path.  We have had her for 10 years and now she is nearly 12 years old.  In the night she comes into my room and sleeps on the end of my bed.


  1. Zelda's colouring is really interesting. Is she a hunter? Elizabeth

  2. Your dog is awsome. Dru

  3. hi pearl i LIKE your dog Jemma from Jemma


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