Digital Pet Day: My Cat Delly

My cat's name is Delly.  In the night she fights other cats.  She likes to come inside and sit on her chair.  The chair has a fluffy blanket.  Sometimes she sleeps on my bed and my brother's bed.  Once I made a house for Delly, but she didn't like it.  My Mum gave it to me.  Delly is grey and white.  She is a really fluffy cat and soft.  I love her.

Once my brother put Deily on a slide with water on it!
My dog's name is Roxy.  When I look through the window she jumps up at the window.  When someone comes Roxy barks, but she doesn't bite.  Roxy goes to sleep very, very late.  


  1. your cat Deily is cute Neco by Kimiya

  2. I like your cat and dog. Amber-Rose


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