Home Learning

Possible Home Learning Tasks:

Click here for Year 3 login to Study Ladder.

Click here for Year 4 login to Study Ladder.

Dance Mat Typing click here.

The Adventures of the Electric Company click here.

Thematic Inquiry sites:

Food Chains click here.

Chain Reaction click here.

Click here to learnt about Ecosystems…

What are micro-organisms click here…

Is it a honey bee?  Click here

The Full Story - Honeybees, Click here.
Click here for Honeybee lifecycle.

The Waggle Dance - How Honeybees talk….

Queen Bee…

Worker Bee…


Drone bees…

Click here for the lifecycle of a honeybee.

Click here for information about plants for honeybees.

TVNZ Sunday - Plight of the Bees, We need honeybees and now they need us to survive.  Sunday investigates how we can save our honeybees.

Wildflowers for bees click here.

How do bees see?  

Honeybee Lifecycle

About bees click here.


  1. I know that the sun makes the grass grow. The grasshopper eats the grass, and the frog eats the grasshopper, and the snake eats the frog, and the owl eats the snake. From Ella

    1. What do you think would happen Ella if the grass got sprayed with poison? Elizabeth

    2. fish will diy from summer

  2. this is very intresting. I will reed it agen and agen till I now it. from summer

    1. I think if cows grass got sprayed it will make a reaction. luke

    2. Crizzy the lizardApril 16, 2014 at 6:39 PM

      I agree

  3. if the woter gets poisoned the alge will diy and the fish will diy. from summer

  4. Honeybees are awesome! from Lily

  5. honeybees are lovely and awesome from summer.

  6. I agree lily from Aogan


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