The Outlook for Someday 2014...

Honeybee News was one of the winning movies in the Outlook for Someday 2014.  This movie won the 'Upstart Magazine Performance Award Primary/Intermediate.'

Charlotte collecting Room 6's award from Erin Simpson.
Charlotte with Erin Simpson, James Napier Robertson Writer and Director of The Dark Horse, and the producer of The Dark Horse Tom Hern.  
Charlotte ready to giver her speech…

Fun at Inflatable World!


Winner Music Video, MADE AWARDS 2014, Year 4 - 6 category, How Bizarre

Winner Storytelling, MADE AWARDS 2014, Year 1 - 3 category, Tui's Garden
Second Place Documentary, MADE AWARDS 2014, Year 4 - 6 category, Honeybee News
Charlotte, 3rd Place for Best Actress, MADE AWARDS 2014, puppeteering Queen Bee…photo taken by our bee garden...

MADE AWARDS 2014 - Tauranga

Tui's Garden - The Movie Set...

We made a movie called Tui's Garden.  This is the movie set.  We filmed the movie in our classroom.

We had to design the backdrops.  I designed the character Praven and he was from Singapore.  I wrote the story with Summer and I drew Mrs Camilla.  I think she looked really good in the movie.  Aogan was the voice for Mrs Camilla. 

Tui's Garden - Behind the Scenes

We made honeybees for the movie because it was a movie about honeybees.

It took a long time to make the movie.  

The honeybees look like they are flying because they are on string and someone is holding them with their hands.  They have a lot of stripes and they have wings.

We all made the fence, the puppets and all the clothes.  Summer designed most of the puppets and their clothes.  

We made some flowers.  All of the Year 3 children worked together to make Tui's Garden.  The Year 4's were working on Honeybee News and the How Bizarre while we made our movie.  

We all worked very hard on the movie.  Our favourite parts were puppeteering the little honeybees and drawing the backdrops.

Tui's Garden - Behind the Scenes

We made the movie because we love honeybees.  We wanted to tell people to plant for bees.

I used the camera to video the movie and I did some puppeteering.  I coloured in lots of clothes and coloured in some puppets.

I made a house for the backdrop.

The best part was filming because it was a very important job.

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