Planet Truffle...

Planet Truffles' advert - Would you buy their truffles?

Truffle Ninjas...Masters of the truffles!

What do you think of our design for our company?

What do you think of our advert?

Truffle Monsters

Our logo for our company. What do you think?

Our advert for our truffles....

The Truffle Dwarves...the smallest truffle makers in town!

This is our finished logo for our company.

Our Truffle Dwarves advert...

Mrs Bubble's Truffles

This is our finished logo...what do you think?

Our finished advert...

Mrs Bubble's Truffles

In class we are making and selling truffles for LR 3's Market Day. We have been learning how to  make a logo for our product above is what we have at the moment.  Do you like the opacity of the text, lighter or darker?  It will be up to you. We have also learnt about copyrights, so say McDonalds we cant have McTruffles and use yellow and red.  We really like our logo so far and we hope you do too.

Fuppet Jack

This is a video of Fuppet Jack's travels all over the world!


'The Very Cultured Caterpillar'

With the awards!
'The Fuppets - Return of the Nits'

The Fuppets - Return of the Nits

MADE AWARDS - Winner of the Inteface Documentary category, Year 4 - 6, The Fuppets - Return of the Nits.

Judges Comment – Need to know about nits? This excellent video takes a serious subject and makes it easily accessible through combining informative dialogue with engaging presentation. The puppets are an inspired choice to deliver a fun but memorable message.

The Very Cultured Caterpillar

MADE AWARDS Winner of Adobe Storytelling Category, Year 4 - 6 'The Very Cultured Caterpillar.'

Judges Comment – This is an exceptional animation in so many ways. Excellent mastery of 2D animation to adapt this story to New Zealand culture. The whole package was complete with brilliant artwork from the whole class, to the music and sound effects.


Logo Designs for our Company...

Dear Truffle Companies

How are your logo designs coming along for your truffle company?  What do you need to think of when designing a logo?

I look forward to seeing your designs.  Regards CEO of Truffle INC.

PS Here is the link for the Logo Quizzes.

Company names and slogans...
Exploring logo designs...

How well do you know your logos?

QE II - Queen Elizabeth Park...

Jack the Waiter

It was hard designing Jack the waiter because we had to design his clothes and draw him in profile. The idea of a french waiter came from Toby’s trip to Paris. We then drew Jack on good paper with vivid pen. We designed aprons and the patterns were from different countries.

Making The Very Cultured Caterpillar

Some things we liked about making The Very Cultured Caterpillar was creating the characters (puppets) and helping out with lots of other stuff like drawing, puppeteering and making the flowers. We made backdrops for the movie and Thomas did the voice for Jack the waiter. It was so funny when I did The NOOOOOOOOO! in slow motion, in the movie. It was funny.

Cultured Cafe...

We made The Very Cultured Caterpillar. It was very hard to make the outside of the cafe. First we drew the backdrop and then used vivid and coloured it. The last backdrop we did was the inside of the cafe. We helped with the outside of the cafe and drawing the caterpillar. You see this ninja I coloured in the background for it.

I coloured the background for the Ninja...
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