The Truffle Dwarves...the smallest truffle makers in town!

This is our finished logo for our company.

Our Truffle Dwarves advert...


  1. I like our logo because it has a lot about the truffle dwarves. my favorite thing about making our truffles is when we tasted them and roll them.The best part that was fun is when we made them.The truffles costs $2.50. when we made the advert it was hard because we had to be quit and me and demmy had alot to say. from the manger 1 brook

  2. I liked our logo name because its not like anyone else's logo name. the best part about it was making the truffles and the picking the compereny names the part about making the truffles was putting the marshmallows in the middle and rolling the truffles in the coconut. On puppet pals we had to make our advert for the truffles. the cost of the truffles are 2.50 for 4 truffles I am the second manager by Demmy

  3. I like our logo because you get to do what you want with the word's spelling the truffle dwarves and see if your manager say's yes. If they say yes they will let you have the writing and you mite say yes and they will like what you have written what you have done


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