Making our venation masks!

This term we are making Venation masks.  We have finished planning our masks.  Lots of people are painting their masks blue.  If you look on our Pinterest you can see all different Venation masks. It is fun making the masks.

eBook 'Jellybean Similes'

Click here to be taken to ePub Bud and download our ebook.  Then click on the yellow sign "Download eBook."

Making The Doughnut Monster Storyboard...


Joint Winner - Safe Journeys for Children

Congratulations to a group of children in Room 6!  Samara's original idea of the Doughnut Monster came from drawing a picture of someone feeling hiakai (hungry).   Elizabeth

Click here to view the announcement.

The main idea was to keep kids safe when riding a bike. I was really excited when it was announced that we got first equal.  We will get Stuart and Kennard for four days to help us make the movie of 'The Doughnut Monster's New Bicycle.' We are excited about that!  Samara 

My trip to Uganda 2012

This year I went to Uganda. The night before I left I didn't get any sleep.  The day we left  I was so excited to be seeing my friends their, like Tony.

To get to Uganda I had to go on a plane for 24 hours. When we got to Uganda Tony gave me a big hug.  We got to our hotel and it was terrible.  There were bugs everywhere!  So we looked everywhere for a different hotel.  We finally found one and it was a nice place to stay, for Uganda.

The next day we went to Lira and we ran a conference for two hundred people.  The conference went for five days.

Next we went to Sudan and we lived in a mud hut with bombs outside.  We went on a boat and an animal safari.  We saw a crested crane and lots of different animal.  We went back to Jinja to rest for are last days in Uganda.  We said goodbye and we flew back to Christchurch.

Our Venetian Mask Designs...

In the past few weeks we have been designing our venetian masks.  We are making these for the cultural festival.  They are beautiful so far. We wish they were already made!

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