My trip to Uganda 2012

This year I went to Uganda. The night before I left I didn't get any sleep.  The day we left  I was so excited to be seeing my friends their, like Tony.

To get to Uganda I had to go on a plane for 24 hours. When we got to Uganda Tony gave me a big hug.  We got to our hotel and it was terrible.  There were bugs everywhere!  So we looked everywhere for a different hotel.  We finally found one and it was a nice place to stay, for Uganda.

The next day we went to Lira and we ran a conference for two hundred people.  The conference went for five days.

Next we went to Sudan and we lived in a mud hut with bombs outside.  We went on a boat and an animal safari.  We saw a crested crane and lots of different animal.  We went back to Jinja to rest for are last days in Uganda.  We said goodbye and we flew back to Christchurch.


  1. Elliot it was very interesting hearing your talk today. I'm sure the village you helped appreciated everything you did for them! Elizabeth

  2. Wow all those travel's you have been to look's cool. What time did you leave to go on that trip with your family? When did you go their? What did you do their? Why did you go their? How did you get their? Why did you take photo's? How old was the baby's? Why did you go to india?

    From Depenga


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