Christchurch Earthquakes 5.8 & 6.0

I was just looking at the Father Xmas photos with my son, down at the mall, when the 5.8 struck!  I had to do a Claude Van Dam...swoop my son up and run with glass shattering in front of me to take cover under the stair well.  I think I need a new career...Liz Van Dam sounds good to me!  I hope everyone is alright.

After the 5.8 quake....I then tidied up and re-assembled the xmas tree.
After the 6.0 quake...

Our Christmas Trees Are Gorgeous!

Merry Christmas to all of our viewers!  Room 6 - remember to take some interesting holiday snaps, to post on our blog next year.

Proud we got the ICT Cup for 2011

Making Xmas Trees

Today Courtney taught us how to make a Christmas tree by using old Harcourts magazines.  It was so much fun!  What a great way to recycle old magazines.

Christmas biscuits

Today I shared out Christmas biscuits to my class that Mrs Douglas made and I iced. The biscuits were brown and the icing was brown and blue. I put the lollies on top of the icing. They were yummy and delicious.

Soap Making

Some of our soap designs...
Raspberry smelling!
Making starry drop-ins...
Lemongrass hearts...
Drop-ins all ready to go!

Earthquake Inspired Soap...

Marshy Quake


What we found at Freeville School today!

Jacob L was the first one to spot this!  We had to show Elizabeth.  

Are these bees? 

Paper Planes

What would you do differently next time?  How could you improve your design?  What could you change?

Fun with Nitrogen!

Science Professors, from Melbourne came to our school to teach us about science. What do you think is happening in our photos?                                                                                

MADE Awards Tauranga

I had an AWESOME time in Tauranga! After the MADE awards I went out for dessert and some of the hosts were there too!

The 'MADE' Awards 2011 - Tauranga

'Peter and the Wild Poaka'

Judges Comment – A wonderfully adapted story to the New Zealand theme done with humour and retold with expression. Clever animation facilitated with multiple puppets used for the characters. Great use of camera angles and supportive sound effects make for an enthralling story.

Click here to watch 'Peter and the Wild Poaka.'

Click here to watch 'Train Station.'

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