Disability Rights Commission UK

We liked the way that they made the able-bodied person feel what its like to have a disability. Like the bus was only for people in wheelchairs and not people who can walk.

Our Visitor to Room 5

On Wednesday 30th June Helen from
Amnesty International came to talk to us about Human Rights and judging people by what they do, what they look like and how they act. Did you know that 2.5 million people around the world work and sponsor Amnesty International.That is  a lot of people!! This is what they do: support children that have been forced to hold a gun and kill people or be forced to do slavery like coco farms that they don't get paid for.

What rights do we have in NZ? We have beds to sleep in, have friends, have shelter, drink water, eat food to live and we go to school.

What are forms of discrimination? Being left out, not being allowed to speak a different language, judging people by the way they look.

What can you do to stop discrimination?

We can help people that are different, being friendly, smiling, talking nicely and telling people how you feel.
Thank you to Helen.

Our Rights

What did we find out:
1.That we get some chocolate from kids who are forced  to work on coco farms.
2. Kids aged 8 to 16 years have to be in a war with guns.
3. Some families have to live in cardboard boxes and have no access to food and water.
What are we thinking:
We want it to stop! Children have a right to learn and have some fun.

What questions do we have:

How come children work in coco farms?  
How can we help?

P.S we have rights to make our own decisions.

Helen came to visit

What we found out was that children were stolen at night and taken and forced to hold a gun. They are sometimes forced to make chocolate and don't get paid! We feel sad what happens to them.  We think adults should do this as children have the right to school. If they have school and get taken to cocoa farms they will have a lot of work to catch up on.

Human Rights

Today, Helen from Amnesty International, came to our class. 
She talked about human rights and child poverty. Most children have rights. Here is a human right.
‘Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedoms to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.’ (Article 19 - Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
This right may seem strange but it really means you can have your own opinions without being told what’s right and what’s wrong. It also means you have the freedom to be yourself.

We found out children are taken in the middle of the night and taken to fight in wars (child soldiers). We feel very sad and sorry for them.  Children have a right to education.

Cocoa farms

On Wednesday 30th June a woman named Helen came to talk to us about Human Rights. She told us about discrimination. I found out kids are slaves and they're working in the cocoa farms. I feel sorry for them. I think to stop this they should pay adults, like a normal job.

Guest Speaker, Helen from Amnesty International

Today we found out that you can judge people from what they look like, what clothes they are wearing and skin colour.  People treat people differently (discrimination).  You had to put up you hand if you lived with your Mum or Dad.  You have the right to live with your parents.  She talked about child soldiers.  Helen said that some children are taken and force to go and fight in war.  You are forced to hold a gun.  I think this is mean as

Red and Black

I made a pattern of shapes.  We had a square piece of paper and we had to cut one from the side and stick it onto the other side.  I could improve my pattern by having even spaces between each shape and using the whole piece of paper.

Fun with Tesselations

Tesselations are a patterns that repeat. We did puzzle pieces for the pattern because we thought it would be easy and look cool. We cut the shape out of one side of a square and moved it to the other side.  Then we did the same with the top. Click here if you want to make your own.

We are the World: My thoughts so far...

Lately we have been learning about people who might be different than us and judging people who we don’t even know. We have also been learning about stereotyping and prejudice.

Stereotyping means looking at someone and putting them in a group where there are certain characteristics and activities. Stereotyping can go on and on. For example, Boys have short hair, but some short haired Boys play rugby and some play basketball.

Prejudice means you are walking down the street and you see someone with one leg and you say, “Eww!” and run off. But they might be very bright and own a computer company or something like that. It means judging someone when you don’t know anything about them. Here are some pictures of what we have been doing in class.

Goldilocks is Innocent!

Our darling Goldilocks should never be locked up ladies and gentlemen. She is innocent of the crimes she did not commit.

Firstly, she did not ignore the sign. How would a seven year old be able to read such small and strange language, plus the sign was too high for her to see.

Secondly, she thought she was invited for breakfast, and the Three Bears were hiding to give her a suprise. Goldilocks also thought that the bears were giving her a porridge taste test. Goldilocks even got an invitation two days before inviting her for breakfast (see exhibit 1). 

Thirdly, Goldilocks was so tired after the walk in the forest she had to have a rest. Fortunately the chair was so weak that when she sat down it broke! Not to mention that Baby bear wiggled in it a lot, and it was going to break any time soon.

After wondering where the Three Bears were Goldilocks went upstairs. She was so tired after staying up late to watch telethon that when she found the right bed, and she was going o take her shoes off, she fell asleep before she could. The reason why her shoes were muddy was because she had been walking in the forest.

Lastly, Goldilocks is an innocent young girls who has been framed by the Three Bears. You must think twice before putting her in jail.

Goldilocks is Guilty

Goldilocks is a small terror and she must be punished.

Firstly, Goldilocks ignored the sign "NO TRESPASSING INTO THE FOREST.' One of our correspondents was picking flowers when she saw Goldilocks with a devious look. The sign was being monitored by video cameras and this is what we picked up.

"NO TRESPASSING...hmm...I'm Goldilocks. It doesn't matter!"

Plus, our correspondent found footprints of Goldilocks, one of a kind shoes, all the way to the Three Bear's house.

Secondly, Goldilocks was breaking and entering into the bear's house. A crowbar with Goldilocks' fingerprints was found at the scene.

Thirdly, Goldilocks vandalised most of the Three Bear’s property. The priceless antique rocking chair was found broken at the bear’s house with Papa bear's sledgehammer stuck into a bit of the chair. She also broke Mama bear's bed. Mud and grass was found right around a spring sticking out of the bed.

My forth argument is that Goldilocks carelessly stole Baby bear's mini cart and ran over several people.  The mini cart was found outside Goldilocks’ house. Plus ten trees were found on the ground with skid marks on them.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, all these crimes are against the law.  Join the fight to take down this monster.  Thank you for your support.   



Yellow is the sun cracking hot


I really like the colours I've used.


We really like the 'shimmering sand.'  It makes us feel like we're at the beach.



Granny Smith



EC Red

Next time we need to work on correct spelling and add more details to our poem.



Blue things


Click on our poem to make it bigger.

Green poem




Green things...

Green is an amazing colour and a grasshopper.
Green is the taste of minty fresh breath.
Green smells like sour lime and fresh mint.
Green makes me feel peaceful.
Green is the sound of silence and quiet.
Green is the Incredible Hulk.
Green is the top off carrots.
Green is sour.

Green colour poem



Fun with triangles!

When we did maths today. We used pretzel sticks to make triangles, like scalene triangles, isosceles triangles and equilateral triangles.

Can you find and name the three different




Fox Trot is my favourite!

Most competitive game ever
Opponents must bow down
No mercy
Oh my gosh, I am bankrupt
Properties galore
originally released in 1934
Lots of versions
You are going to jail



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