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Venetian Masks: Group photos...

Venetian Mask: Samara

Venetian Mask: Toby

My mask was really hard to make, but when I finshed my mask I was happy.  My favourite part was panting and glitering. At the end I stuck feathers on my mask and put glitter, gems and stuff like that on it.

Venetian Mask: Ryan R

These are some of our mask in the making. It was fun and some of them where complicated. It took three to four weeks to make. These are Venetian Masks that we are making.

These are them at stage two which is when we where putting the pattens on underneath the mask. My favourite part was when we were painting the mask and putting the feathers and edging on. I painted my mask dark blue and put light blue feathers on it.

Venetian Mask: Tiana

First Elizabeth handed us our masks and told us to practise our patterns. After that Elizabeth told us to rip up bits of paper and stick them on our mask with PVA glue. It took two days to glue, ripped paper to my mask. We then had to glue gun our patterns on our mask and Elizabeth helped us.

 I then painted my mask white. Once I was finished Elizabeth told me to do it three more times. The next day we painted colours on our masks. I painted my patterns silver, then I had to do that three more times. Then I painted the rest of my mask (which was blue). After another three layers we had to put stardust over the parts that we wanted. Elizabeth helped us stick on our embellishments, mine were feathers. Our finished masks went to the Cultural Festival.

Venetian Mask: Tinika

I really liked putting the edging around my mask.

Venetian Mask: Thomas

The bit I liked the best was painting the mask and cutting the shapes in the mask.  I liked decorating my mask and putting edging on.  We had to put paper on our masks to add texture to the mask, so when we painted it, it looked old and rare.  Making the mask was really, really fun!

Venetian Masks: Taylah

The reason I chose this colour was because it was different and bright. It is just the colour I like and it suits the shades of silver. What I enjoyed was the painting and dry brushing because it was good experience. I had never done this before. Next time I would do blues and golds. I felt awesome when my mask was displayed at the Cultral Festival.

Venetian Mask: Caitlyn

It was very exiting painting a mask. My mask was red. It has gold bells that jingel like wind chimes.

Venetian Mask: Neco

I liked making my mask because I got to paint it metallic blue and put beads on my mask.  I put modelling compound on my mask aswell. It was awesome!

Venetian Masks: Kayd

My mask took me a long time to make, but I ended up finishing it. The picture here is just the start. Now it looks awesome! Every body thinks mine is the best in the class.

Venetian Mask: Seth

I like my mask because of the gliter. I enjoyed painting my mask. Next time I would put less gliter. I loved it!

Venetian Masks: Kaitlin

When I was making my mask I was working with Amber-Rose. We put moulding clay on our mask and then we started to paint with metallic paints. My mask was red and green and my friend Amber-Rose's was gold and purple. Then we put on Resene paint for dry brushing. Next we put on our edging and some beads. It was fun putting on texture for hot glue gun, for the lumpy bits. We Put on the vanish and let it dry.

Mask Making: Elliot

I liked my masks' papered texture and its red and gold colours. I liked putting on my feathers and gems. Next time I will use the gule gun for patterns and get real edging. Sadly I was not at the cultural festival.

Venetian Mask: Jackson

I liked the music notes and the way I did it. I liked the texture that I did on the other side of the mask because I put paper on it. I liked putting the glitter around the eyes of my mask. I learnt how to make a mask for the first time. Next time I would chose to use different colours. I would do a different design and work hard as much as I could, like I did on this mask. I felt sad because I didn’t go to the cultrural festival, but I was still proud of myself that I made my mask.

Venetian Mask: Dru

I liked the patterns and the colours (the colours were green and gold, on my mask. The colors worked really awesome together and they didn’t clash, and the patterns were in the right place. I liked putting the feathers on and painting the interesting features on my mask. It was pretty hard. I learned how to push the feathers nicely into place and giving them a trim with the scissors. I felt really proud when I went to the cultured festival to do my Kapahaka when I saw it because it looked very cool.

Venetian Mask: Depenga

When I was making my mask I first put some paper and glue on it, so the paper could stick to my mask. Then I put some hot glue gun on it, so I can do my patterns. I then put some paint on it. When it was dry I went and showed Elizabeth and she said that I could put some gold paint on it.

Venetian Mask - Demmy

When I was making my mask I first had to chose our designs. Then we had to put paper over it and then we panted it. After we had panted it we glue gunned on our patterns. After we put the glue gun designs on we painted over it with paint. We got feathers and gems and edging for our masks. Then we got to chose if we wanted to put star dust on our mask. After we put the star dust on we put on our feathers, gems and edging. We then put the elastic on and we were finished.

Venetian Mask: Jacob

I wanted blue because it is one of my favourite colours and gold is too.  I chose silver dry brushing because it looks like metal that has been scratched.  It makes it look old.  I chose the roundish shape because it is simple.  The patterns on my mask are two lines at the top of the mask, then they go down the nose.

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