Thank you Salvation Army

Today I went swimming with my class at Jellie Park.  I did a frog swim, it was so much fun!  Thanks to The Salvation Army who paid for our whole learning team to go swimming.

Who's head is this?

Get Out of BED!

Today the School Council organised a Pjama Mufti Day.  Most of the children came to school in their pj's, including some staff.  Where were the beds?

Have you ever read Robert Munch's 'Get out of Bed?'  Click here to see inside the book and listen to the story.

Strike Performing


Today we went to STRIKE and we watched them make music with fire.  It was fun.  We heard them sing, well not sing....scream.  We heard them play lots of different drums.  They were funny and we loved it so much.  It was so loud!

Before STRIKE played music with fire they were sitting down at a table with cans.  They made different beats with the cans.  When STRIKE were making beats with the cans, one of the cans opened!


We liked the Tongan drums and the rain storm song.  We liked how they screamed!  It was so fantastic. They all wore the same t-shirts, it was so cool.  We loved the show, the boys were funny.  Thanks STRIKE!  

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