HEARTS for Christchurch

Hearts for Christchurch was the idea of Evie Harris from Naiper.  The Hearts for Christchurch have been on exhibition at the Canterbury Museum.

These are the Hearts for Christchurch that we got and we love them!

All the lovely 'Hearts for Christchurch' we got in Room 6.

HEARTS for Christchurch

Click below to watch the slideshow we made of Evie's visit and to see the hearts we were given.

Away from home...

In the holidays I went to Auckland, Tauranga and Katikati.  I got to go to Kelly Tarltons and the Waitomo Caves, IT WAS SO COOL!!!!. It was dark in the cave when the lights went out.

I also got to hold a Planter Moth.  It felt kind of tickly.  Planter Moths only live for one night. I went biscuting on a lake.  I had an awesome time!

My Holiday break...

In the holidays I made a gingerbread house, it was really hard!

I went to Willowbank and fed the eels and also an ostrich.  The ostrich was gigantic.  On the way out to Willowbank there was a tunnel that I played in.  I found out that I am one of the biggest threats to animals. When it was Christmas I got a camera from Santa and a scooter from my Dad and Mum.

I also went to my Mum's friends house and played with my brothers.  I played with my Mum's friends kids.
In the holidays I went to Queenstown.  When we got there we made our beds and went for a walk into town.  When we came back we had lunch and we had sandwiches.  After we had lunch we went on the Skyline gondola.  The gondola was very high!  When we got up we went on the lookout and looked at Queenstown.  Then we went on the luge.  Sanne, Mum and I were going to go on the luge, but Oma was too scared to go on it.  It was scary at first, but Sanne was zooming past us because Mum kept stopping.  When we had all of our turns we had an ice-cream and it was a slushy cup, that was fun.

On the last day we went to visit a friend from Mum's work.  We went to the lake just outside of Queenstown.  They had a boat, water skis and a water biscuit.  My sister and I went on the skis and I went on the biscuit lots of times.  We all went on the boat and that was a fun time in Queenstown.  I was so happy when we got back home.

Kimiya's Holiday...

In the Holidays I didn’t go anywhere, but I still had a good time!  We had barbeque's and party's.  We had great holidays.  On Christmas Day I got a bike and a video player.  I had the best day!  We had a nice lunch and breakfast.  My dog opened his own present, it was so cute!  His name is Buddy and he is about 7 years old.  He is a sausage dog he is chubby.  He has brown eyes and I love buddy.  I had a good holiday.

Holiday fun...

On Christmas morning I got a Nintendo DSI plus a Nintendo game.  You can take photos on it and do all  sort sorts on it.
For Christmas my younger siblings and I got a pool and it was pretty cold, but I moved around in it and it got warm.
On Christmas Day my family went to my Nana's house and we went on the water slide.  Dad got hold of  my arm and leg and pushed me, and it ripped!

My Holiday...

I went raspberry picking...
We went to New Brighton Beach to see the Sand Castle Competition.
Meg and I at our dance recital.

Nicky's Holiday...

In the holidays I went camping at Ashley George.  I went on a water slide and it was heaps of fun!  It was a big mat with water.

On Christmas Day I went to my Nana's house.  I had a sleepover there.  The next night there was a Harry Potter party.  I dressed up as George.  We played Quidditch and drunk polyjuice potion!

Amber-Rose's Holiday...

In the holidays I went to Kaikoura.  I went on a truck with Bradley.  We went in the kids pool and it was a deep big pool.  

Then we went home to Christchurch and then we saw our three cats.  We went to Spencer Park to see my Mum's girlfriend.  At Spencer Park I played on the green ropes and the monkey bars.

What else can you see me doing?

Fun at Timaru!

In the holidays I went to Timaru to stay for two nights. When we got there I saw a little playground.  We drove a little more and my brother and I saw a bouncy pillow.

When we got to Top Ten in Timaru we set up the tents.  My Mum and I blew up the air beds with a pump. I went on the bouncy pillow, it was so bouncy.  I made two new friends at the camping ground and we played together.  Tyler and I didn't ask to watch TV.

We went to the Timaru Carnival.  I went on a chair-o-plane, Octopus ride, the bumper boats, bumper cars and played games.   On the bumper boats we crashed into each other to get each other wet.  When I hopped out I was so wet! On the octopus my brother said 'tell them to stop it.'  My Mum said, 'No enjoy the ride!'  After the ride Tyler wanted to go on the octopus again.  We then went home.

Driving the bumper cars!
The octopus ride...
Having fun at the camping ground!

My trip to Mount Cook

In the holidays I went on a plane to Mount Cook. When the plane was on the ground we were 31m above the tarmac.  The plane was the biggest one in New Zealand.  They are going to make a 31 foot longer All Black plane.  

We enterd the press competition to fly near Mount Cook and back to Christchurch.  The seats had a TV on the back of the seats and it told you where you where. It is the biggest plane in New Zealand.  This was my first time on a plane and it was exciting.

Ashley George

In the holidays I went camping with my friends at Ashley George. We did lots of fun stuff.  We went to the river and made a pool.  We went hiking in the hills and that was lots of fun. We took many photos and  we also played lots of games. We played water fights and water slides.  I got so wet!

At a Harry Potter Party on Christmas Day.  Who can you see?

Our Adventures at Omaka Scout Camp

What did you enjoy doing the most?  Some of those activities were very challenging, what things did you say or do to encourage your classmates?

I took some great photos of you all, so I've put them into a slide show.


There were many giggles in the classroom this afternoon.  Our theme for 2012 is 'Transform.'  What a great way to start by taking this funny photos.  Who can you see?

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