My Holiday break...

In the holidays I made a gingerbread house, it was really hard!

I went to Willowbank and fed the eels and also an ostrich.  The ostrich was gigantic.  On the way out to Willowbank there was a tunnel that I played in.  I found out that I am one of the biggest threats to animals. When it was Christmas I got a camera from Santa and a scooter from my Dad and Mum.

I also went to my Mum's friends house and played with my brothers.  I played with my Mum's friends kids.


  1. That cave looks amazing! Where is it? I also made a gingerbread house, did your one taste nice? Elizabeth

  2. hope you feel better soon kayd!!

  3. Hi kayd a couple of questions one is how big was the tunnel?.And what kind of camera and scooter did you get? Jackson.k


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