Kimiya's Holiday...

In the Holidays I didn’t go anywhere, but I still had a good time!  We had barbeque's and party's.  We had great holidays.  On Christmas Day I got a bike and a video player.  I had the best day!  We had a nice lunch and breakfast.  My dog opened his own present, it was so cute!  His name is Buddy and he is about 7 years old.  He is a sausage dog he is chubby.  He has brown eyes and I love buddy.  I had a good holiday.


  1. Sometimes the best holidays you have can be right outside your back door. I'm glad you had a relaxing break. Elizabeth

  2. Hi kimiya nice story but I'v got 2 questions for you what was the partys like and what did you eat when you had the barbeque's? Jackson

  3. Hi Jackson The party's were cool it was my little cousin milahn's and at the barbeqie's we ate ribs sausages and patties and alot more thanks for your comment. Kimiya

  4. Hi

    This was the best holiday ever!!
    .Miya's cousin Ziah

    1. Ziah your so funny hahahahah

      see you soon

      xoxo lol


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