Away from home...

In the holidays I went to Auckland, Tauranga and Katikati.  I got to go to Kelly Tarltons and the Waitomo Caves, IT WAS SO COOL!!!!. It was dark in the cave when the lights went out.

I also got to hold a Planter Moth.  It felt kind of tickly.  Planter Moths only live for one night. I went biscuting on a lake.  I had an awesome time!


  1. Is your pictre the Puriri Moth? Elizabeth

  2. Hi Samara i love your post on the blog what did u do at kelly Tarltons and Tauranga and Katikati and Auckland I love the photos Kimiya:)

  3. Hi Samara Wow!!! nice story just want to ask you a couple of questions.What else did you do at kellytarltons.And what did you do at Tauranga and katikati? Jackson.k


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