I see you're into beans!

I liked reading about your Scarlet Bean smiles. Thanks for sharing them.
Check out my bean smile by clicking on the link.

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3-D shapes

In class for maths we have been doing geometry and 
3-D shapes. I made the one on the left and
Ethan made the other one. Can you guess what they are? 
We made them by doing this: 
1. Cut out very carefully
2. Fold the folds
3. Score them with a ruler
4. Glue in the tabs

The scarlet bean similes!!!

Today at school for writing we did smilies about scarlet beans.
The inside of the scarlet bean skin feels as soft as a new leather jacket.

The outside of the scarlet bean skin feels as rough as sand paper.

The scarlet bean is like a soft pillow.

Scarlet bean Simile

Today at school, we had to write similes about Scarlet beans.

Scarlet beans look like a tiger bean that's purple.
It smells as minty as fly repellent.
Green beans taste like a dry apple.
When you shake a green bean it sounds like a rattle snake.
It feels as rough as the skin of a turtle.

Green Beans

Today we had to write describing words about green beans and write similies.  The skin is like leather.  The bean is like a pill.

The letter H (in maths)

On Friday the 19th of March 2010 we had to make something out of blocks, then draw the front side view, the back side view, the right side view and the left side view. While everyone went and did something complicated Emily and I went for something super simple. We went for a letter H. It was the most simple thing we could think of. We started to do the drawing after we bilt the 'H.' 

Real                                                      My drawing

A Description of 'Another Place, Another Time'

Train tracks go into the mist. There is water on both side's. There are four kid's on a thing that goes on the train tracks and is powered by wind. A castle is in the mist on some hill's. The sky is dark and misty. There are four children on the cart. One of the boy's is carrying a backpack. A boy and girl are sitting side by side in the front.  Two boys are sitting side by side in the back on a safety rail. There are pebbles on the side of the track followed by big stones. The water is black and dark it look's nice for sharks. It looks like dawn. 



Camp at Waipara Boy's Brigade was the second best experience of my life. The best was going on a plane to Auckland. The best thing about camp was I got to spend more time with my friends. The least fun thing about camp was cutting my lip on a tree and stepping in yucky bog, on the blindfold trail. Heres some pictures.

Different views

Today in geometry we where making 3-D shapes or animals out of multi-link blocks.  I have got a top view, back view and a front view.  Can you guess what I have made?

Pre-test ACTIVITY – What happened when…

Deeper Understanding:
I can think critically, ask questions, and find out what is true through scientific investigation.

Today we started our science unit on Fun with Chemistry - ‘Prove it! The children were given the question: Which of the Jaffas will dissolve the quickest – the smaller jaffas or the giant jaffa? With their buddy the children in Room 5 needed to design an experiment to see what type of jaffa would dissolve the fastest in water.
Materials they could use:
3 small jaffas
1 giant jaffa
cold water
two shallow containers/flasks  

No teacher direction or input was given. I was really impressed with how the children worked co-operatively with their buddy and organised themselves.

Watch the wee slideshow below.  Now think...what would you do differently?  What would you change?  What would you keep the same?

Harris Burdick - Under the Rug

For writing we are doing the Mysteries of Harris Burdick. It is a series of pictures with captions that are inspiring for young writers. Here is the address for the Harris Burdick website www.harrisburdick.com

We thought the man was middle-aged and single.  We had a couple of drafts. On our first draft we thought he was a violinist and had just gotten back from the ball. We decided to change because the story didn't seem exciting. Then we read Ms K's model of writing a setting then we got the best idea ever!

Under the Rug
by Isaac and Glen

One dark, misty night in Maple Street a shadow was passing through the footpath. Nobody knew who this man was, where he came from. He seemed very secretive. He was heading to 32 Maple Street. The old victorian house nobody went into.

On 31 Maple street a little boy woke up, he saw a strange figure approaching 32 Maple street. The little boy’s name was John Alexander Burdick. He was nine years old. He saw the figure knocking on the door.....but nobody answered. But he went in anyway. The little boy thought it was time to investigate.

As the man entered he heard doors slamming. He was worried. It was a big three story house. There were at least 20 rooms, so he would not find what he was looking for anytime soon. He started whispering to himself, ‘find the final piece, find the final piece.’ He was running on his tiptoes. Then he started to search.

Meanwhile, the little boy started running across the wet, slippery street. He started to sneak into the house. He started to tip toe upstairs. He looked in all the rooms but he couldn’t find him. BUT then....

Thanks for the great camp

Your camp has to be one of the best ones I've been on in a long time.
Thanks to all the great kids for their supurb behaviour and making the camp fun.
Thanks to all the parents who were great at helping the kids on camp and pitching in with every job.
Thanks to Elizabeth, who did all the preparation before the camp to make it run so smoothly.
Thanks to the Mutneys for not eating any of the children.

Koru motif art

We are doing koru motif art. The banners are going to go in the library and the posters are going in Room 5. We used pastels.  Next time we do art we think we will try and experiment more with it, and do better without rushing it.   



At Waipara Boys Brigade camp we went on the Burma trail. We walked around the bush and used a rope. I tripped up on the ramp and fell over onto the grass. 

The BIG waterslide!

At Waipara camp we went on a big water slide. It was so cool, but the soap kept getting in my eyes and my mouth. It tasted like washing liquid! Yuck! It sounded like water crashing, like a big waterfull. It smelt like a person tacking a shower. The water felt like slimy alien blood. It was fun.  

Camp Warfare!

Wow!  This would have to be the first camp I've been on where the first aid kit got used daily!  Injuries ranged from archery bruises, slide grazes, waterslide chaffing to even one child getting an infected foot from standing on a nail!

So I was very pleased when we all rolled up to the school carpark in one piece! Well done to all the adult helpers, I know some of them came back with their own bruises!  

The drama didn't stop when I came home...my mother had managed to lock herself out the house! LOL!

Below is a photo of my bruise, I definitely wasn't any William Tell. Hide the apples! Elizabeth

Raft Building at Camp

What a fantastic time we all had at camp! I enjoyed all the activities, especially the water slide and air rifle shooting. Oh, and I loved all the wonderful baking that was brought. Who made those afghans - my favourite!

The raft building was great fun. Interesting to see the ideas everyone came up with for their raft. There were many fancy knots being used although they were pretty hard to get undone at the end. The rafts all floated really well.

Anyway it was a great experience for all. Thank you to all the children for being so well behaved for my first school camp.


Camp Confidence Course

It was the first day of camp.  Katelyn, Sarah and I were getting in Ms K's car. We were wondering what we were going to do first. But we went too far and then Ms K realised that she has missed the turn into Waipara Boys Brigade Camp, so Ms K turned around and found the turn.

We got to camp and got settled in.  I was in Ms K's group.  We got to go on the Confidence course. We had to climb lots of things, but it was easy.  The metal rope hurt because it really scraped against your hands. You hands got red and sore.  This is a picture of me on the metal rope.  

The waterslide

On the waterslide I felt like I was a penguin sliding down an icy ramp! It sounded like a fuzzy TV channel.

The first time I went down I was scared, but when I got to the end I wanted to go down again and again and again!  It tasted like a bubble bath and dish wash liquid!

Best Camp!

We got to camp and  looked for our rooms.  I was in a room with Rachael, Emily and Sarah.  Later we went for a big walk down the river.  We went on the water slide. It was up a hill. It was made from a little bit of a slide and the rest was plastic. 

We did the night line and I looked a zombie. We had to have a blindfold on and a helmet, so we could not see.  The helmet was on because we could bump into trees. There was an orange ribbon we had to  follow to the end of the bush. We went in a net too. I bumped into a tree! It hurt my hand. In the bush it smelt like pine. 

Camp (day 2 6:30 pm)

On camp we went on a course blindfolded.  It was called the Burma trail. We had helmets on our heads. We had to start in the hall.  Ms K gave all of the adults blindfolds and the adults put them on, so we could not see.

After Vicki put my helmet on my head Ms K took Connie and me outside and we sat down. The only way knew it was Connie because I asked who was beside me and connie said 'me Connie.' We went down to the trail and we started to go through the track.

When I went through I slipped and grazed my knee. Once we had finished the trail we got our photo taken and then I took a video of people finishing. Then we had a blind folded race and I banged into Ella and hit my head.

Camp, day two

On day two of camp we did the Burma trail blindfolded with a helmet on.  We had to follow an orange ribbon, a very long one. I thought it was never going to end!  

I was a bit cold.  When I was slowly walking through the bush I felt something wet on my foot.  It felt all squishy!  I  had stepped in some muddy water.  I slowly stepped out and a few minutes later I had finished the Burma trail.  I was really glad when I had finished.

Isaac and Glen at camp part 2

We are back, Isaac and Glen. How did you know! We loved the Confidence course at Waipara. Especially the atomic v! These people you see are most of the class. Room 5 yahoo. The confidence course is basically an obstacle course, or a boot camp.  It is really fun. You can see Isaac and  I at the top.  I'm on the left Isaac is on the right.

Isaac and Glen at camp part 2

Hi, Isaac and Glen here.  We're talking about our camp at Waipara. We had heaps of fun there, on those ultimate activities. Like the water slide. Glen really enjoyed that.


Archery was awesome. I loved that. It was fun for everyone. Especially me. I am going to get a bullseye. In fact the arrow can shoot up to 100 m.  


At camp I went on the waterslide.  The water tasted like dishwashing liquid.  You start on top of the hill and you wait in the line.  When it is your turn you get squirted with dishwashing liquid and you go zooming down the slide

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