Pre-test ACTIVITY – What happened when…

Deeper Understanding:
I can think critically, ask questions, and find out what is true through scientific investigation.

Today we started our science unit on Fun with Chemistry - ‘Prove it! The children were given the question: Which of the Jaffas will dissolve the quickest – the smaller jaffas or the giant jaffa? With their buddy the children in Room 5 needed to design an experiment to see what type of jaffa would dissolve the fastest in water.
Materials they could use:
3 small jaffas
1 giant jaffa
cold water
two shallow containers/flasks  

No teacher direction or input was given. I was really impressed with how the children worked co-operatively with their buddy and organised themselves.

Watch the wee slideshow below.  Now think...what would you do differently?  What would you change?  What would you keep the same?


  1. My experiment wasn't fair because the big jaffa was in hot water and my small jaffas were in cold water, ha ha. Jeremy

  2. It was nowhere near a fair test! Of course they were both in hot water, but Glen kept on shaking his small jaffas in the flask. Nowhere near fair!


  3. Our test was nowhere near fair and Isaac was shaking the big jaffa too...we had different water levels. It was hard to get it the same.


  4. The jaffa test was not a fair test the big jaffa was in hot water the small jaffas were in the cold water. Shawnee and Lucan

  5. My test wasn't fair because the jaffas melted quicker when they where in hot water. I had one flask hot and one cold. Rachael

  6. I worked with Dahllia. We put one small jaffas in the cold water and one in the hot water. It wasn't fair because one was in cold water and one was in hot water. If they were both in the hot water then it would be a real contest! Sarah

  7. We the big jaffa in hot water and the other one in cold. It wasn't really fair. Next time I would try and put the small jaffas in the hot water and seen if that would have made a difference. Rochelle


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