Christmas Movies

Some of the children created a couple of movies.  Due to Room 5 moving to Room 8 and other end of year commitments, it was a bit of a rush for the children.  However, a very good effort!

Christmas Story

Room 5's Basket full of Soaps and Bath Bombz Draw

Make a gold coin donation and go into the draw to win these luxurious smelly soaps and bombz. All proceeds will go to the EPMU Pike River Miners Family Support Trust.  All soaps are made with organic glycerin.

Shots from the Freeville Fair

Freeville School Fair

What a great day for a school fair!  A huge thank you to those parents who helped me to sell soap and bath bombz.  I have some soap left and bath bombz.  I'll sell this at the Freeville School Fun Day, on Tuesday 14th December.  Some of the children have asked what we could do for the families of the Pike River Miners.  We thought we could put together a few soaps/bath bombz and people could make a gold coin donation and go into the draw to win the basket of soaps etc...

Pike River Coal Miners

My son thought it was very sad 29 miners died.  This is what he said; 'There was an explosion in the Pike River mine on the Coast. I drew a picture for them.R.I.P we will never forget them.
There is still a fire in the one can go down there."

Angel's love coal mines, so that's where they go,
when they are hiding, they hide below.

(Angel's Love Coal Miners, by Craig Bancoff)

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