Goldilocks is Innocent!

Our darling Goldilocks should never be locked up ladies and gentlemen. She is innocent of the crimes she did not commit.

Firstly, she did not ignore the sign. How would a seven year old be able to read such small and strange language, plus the sign was too high for her to see.

Secondly, she thought she was invited for breakfast, and the Three Bears were hiding to give her a suprise. Goldilocks also thought that the bears were giving her a porridge taste test. Goldilocks even got an invitation two days before inviting her for breakfast (see exhibit 1). 

Thirdly, Goldilocks was so tired after the walk in the forest she had to have a rest. Fortunately the chair was so weak that when she sat down it broke! Not to mention that Baby bear wiggled in it a lot, and it was going to break any time soon.

After wondering where the Three Bears were Goldilocks went upstairs. She was so tired after staying up late to watch telethon that when she found the right bed, and she was going o take her shoes off, she fell asleep before she could. The reason why her shoes were muddy was because she had been walking in the forest.

Lastly, Goldilocks is an innocent young girls who has been framed by the Three Bears. You must think twice before putting her in jail.


  1. Isaac I think that you are very good at making excuses but I really enjoyed reading your piece of persuasive writing. You pose a good argument and have brought a new and original slant to this story.

  2. Very interesting Isaac!! You could argue your way out of anything.


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