Bunnies come to visit...

These are Aogan's Bunnies. They like eating 's. They are 3 weeks old. They live in a kennel.  We have seven bunnies and two adults. And they also like eating pellets.

Expanded and Compacted numbers...

In class we have been learning about expanding numbers.  If you want to work on your place value skills click here.  This will take you to a web site with place value activities.

Bumble Bee Up Close!

On Monday Chloe found a  bumble bee.  Look at its eyes!  They are very big. What caller is the bumble bee?  The bumble bee was 2 cm long.

Can you see the bumble bee's eye?
What is the weird thing coming out of the bumble bee's mouth?
Can you see the bumble bee's feet?
What is this?
What is the body covered with?
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