Article 1: We are all born free and equal

We are all born free and equal.  We all have our own thoughts and ideas.  We should all be treated in the same way.

Fun way to pack up.

Today we did Koru Art with glitter. We made a big mess on the floor and we started thinking about how we could clean up the glitter. Then Ms K came up with a great idea. We put cellotape on our foot and stood on the glitter. It was a success. Everyone tried it at one point. I think it was a very interesting way to pack up. Here is our Koru art.

Our new cat

On Wednesday 28 July I got a new cat! His name is Arthur he's really cute. His breed is Persian he is a pure breed. He recently had his hair shaved off because his hair was all matted and his recent owners did not take care of him properly. Here is a picture.  Alex

In the photo he looks evil!!!  Tim

Article 3: We all have the right to life and to live in freedom and safety

Article 3: We all have the right to life, and to live in freedom and safety

Article 4: Nobody has any right to make us a slave

Nobody has any right to make us a slave.  We cannot make anyone else our slave.  

Article 4 : Nobody has the right to make us a slave

Nobody has any right to make us a slave. We cannot make anyone else our slave.

Article 5: Nobody has any right to hurt us or torture us

Article 6: Everyone has the right to be protected by the law

Article 9: Nobody has the right to put us in prison

Nobody has the right to be put in prison without a good reason, to keep us there or to send us away from our country.


Article 11: Nobody should be blamed until it is proved

Nobody should be blamed for doing something until it is proved. When people say we did a bad thing we have the right to show it is not true.

Article 12: Nobody should try to harm our good name

Nobody should try to harm our good name.  Nobody has the right to come into our home, open our letters, or bother us or our family without good reason.

Article 17: Everyone has the right to own things

Everyone has the right to own things or share them. Nobody should take our thingsfrom us without a good reason.

Article 20: We all have the right to meet our friends

We all have the rights to meet our friends and work together in peace to defend our rights.  Nobody can make us join a group if we don't want to.

Article 24: We all have the right to rest from work and relax

We all have the right to rest from work and relax.

Article 24: We all have the right to rest from work and relax

We all have the right to rest from work and relax.

We are the world wall

These photos are of our inquiry wall, 'We are the World.' I hope you like them.  Do you know what prejudice is?  It means judging before you know them.  Like, say you meet some teenagers with skulls over their jackets etc...  You might think they're up to no good, but you might talk to them and find out that they're quite nice.

Article 5: Nobody has any right to hurt us or torture us

Nobody has the right to hurt us or torture us.


Te Wiki o Te Maori - Pukana

Pukana (dilating of the eyes), whetero (protruding of the tongue performed by men only). Do we look scary?

Teachers should wear a school uniform

Teachers get to wear mufti and why don’t we?
Firstly, they are like us they work here and so do we. We should all wear a school uniform with pride and care about our school.
Secondly, it is not fair when teachers get to wear mufti and we don’t.  Why don’t we all wear the same school uniform because when we all wear different clothes we look like we come from a different school.
Lastly, teachers are rude wearing no uniform.  Why are we wearing different clothes than them.  It’s not fair they have a choice and we don’t.

Speed Booking in Action

This morning most of Room 5 had a go at Speed Booking.  Check out the library blog - label 'Speed Booking.'  Click here.  What books should we try next time?  How else could we organise speed booking?

Keep Homework!

Girls and Boys I think homework should not be banned because it helps us learn.
Firstly, it will improve our learning and help us get good jobs.
Secondly, it is not a waste of time because if you want to play at a friends house you can and you can do homework afterwards.
Thirdly, it does not kill trees to make paper.  They plant a seed for every tree they cut down.
Lastly, the teacher does not give us homework every day so we have heaps of time to play with your friends.  Reading everyday at home is fun.

Homework should be banned!

Firstly, homework kills trees.  It uses too much paper or uses electricity because it could get emailed to you and then you have to print it. 
Secondly, it’s really hard and tiring because some of it we don’t really understand.  
Thirdly, kids are not as fit as they should be because they sit at home doing homework.  Children should be playing outside with their friends. 
In conclusion homework just sucks because it stops kids having fun and doing sport.


I think homework should be banned because it is unhealthy.  Children should be at sports practice. They have been working hard all day.  Come on give us a break!  It makes us tired, but when we get home we are all ready tired enough.   It makes your parents stressed.  We are all stressed out and we really need to ban home work. It drives us kids up the walls and its just a waist of paper and ink. Sometimes children don’t even do homework.  It uses up all our spare time when we could be helping around the house or doing our chores.   

I think homework should be banned!

Point 1
Should we have homework?
We don't think so, don't we have the right to make our own decisions.  Yes we do!  Homework is just more school work right?  Kids slave away doing schoolwork for 30 hours a week!  And what do they come home to on Friday?  Two hours of homework.

Point 2
Does homework come from trees?
Yes, it does as paper comes from trees!  Hey people, we are not smashing CO2.  Each tree cut down downgrades our CO2 defence levels.  Homework kills trees.

Point 3
Do we get enough fresh air?
No, we don't!   We are locked inside doing homework and not getting enough fresh air.  Children should be outside playing.

In conculsion I think homework should be inilated completely, you already know all of your homework.

Homework should be banned!

Some homework is too much for children in primary schools. Teachers give too much to children under the age of 13 years.
Firstly, children get sleepy after school and just want to sit down.
Secondly, parents get stressed because their children keep coming up to them and asking what they have to do.
Thirdly, children sometimes have sport or dance practice and don’t have time to do their homework.  Being stuck in a room for 1 hour is not good for health 
Lastly, it wastes paper and kills trees.  We think homework should be banned!   

Home work hours

Lady's and gentlemen welcome to the jury.  Homework has brought us one thing...stress.

Homework should be banned.  Firstly, lots of kids don't have the time to do home work because of things like soccer or swimming.

Secondly, it stresses us and our parents out when we don't know what it means.

Finally, we need the time to excise and get some fresh air because sitting around all day for two hours
trying to figure what we have to do is not healthy.

In conclusion I think home work should be banned.

I rest my case, thank you for your time.

Homework should be banned

Why should we do homework? We believe that it should be banned. Heaps of students do too much homework.
Firstly, children should be outside playing sport. They shouldn’t be inside on a hot sunny day doing this extremely difficult 20 page essay on something you haven’t even covered enough in class.  Plus, we have a right to leisure and play.
Secondly, we sometimes get the things we already know because the teacher thinks we’ve forgotten it.  Plus, it makes our brain overload, we need a rest.
Thirdly, kids have other things to do, like sport practice, swimming and plans with family/friends.  Like we said kids have better things to do on their mind.
Our argument shows that homework should be banned from every school. 

The argument for Homework

The Position
Boys and girls I believe homework should not be banned because it gets us smart and gives us good work habits. 
Firstly It will improve our learning.  If we don’t do our homework we won’t get good jobs and good money.
Secondly, it does not waist our time because you can chose when you do it.  For example if you have sports training you can do it after that, if you go to one of your friend’s house you can do it after tea, so it does not take up our free time. 
Thirdly, our parents do not get stressed because they should not be doing your home work for you.  The teacher needs to make sure the homework activities can be done by the class.
Fourthly, you don’t have to do it all at once.  You might only do a little bit for ten minutes and another day for fifteen minutes.  
Fifthly, it does kill trees, but there are seeds to plant more trees.  There are lots of trees in the world. Plus there are people that do that for their jobs and they don’t want to stop working.  The teacher can e-mail you your homework.
Lastly, your teacher should not give you homework every day, because that would be too much.  

Ban homework

Homework should be banned.
Homework should be banned because all kids want to do after school is to relax. We have spent all day at school working hard.                                   
If there is this much homework it would be just five days nonstop.  If there is homework kids will never get to do what kids do. We feel homework is boring and we should be doing what we like. 

Disability and Discrimination

Room 5 are nearing the end of the 'Fuel Up' stage and will soon be working on their own inquiries.  The activity the children experienced today was called 'Blindfolded,' Don't look, just listen!  I found a role of pink stiffening like material in the cupboard, so they became our scarves.  This role play allowed the children to step into the shoes of someone who is partially sighted.  They worked with a buddy and had to colour a hedgehog paper animal, cut it out and put this together.

The other buddy had to support the child blindfolded, like making sure they had the right coloured crayons or giving them directions when cutting out their hedgehog.

After this we talked about children with disabilities and decided that they could do everything that able-bodied children could.  It's just that they might have to do it a different way (or used modified equipment).

The children then mentioned some adults that had a disability, like Ray Charles and the scientist Stephen Hawking.

Do you know of anyone else?

Partially sighted

On Thursday 22nd of July I cut out a paper hedgehog blindfolded . My buddy was Ella she helped me cut out my hedgehog.  It was a good experience being partly sighted. It made me realise that people who have that disability it must be hard for them.  We should treat them the same way we treat anyone else.  Sometimes they might need help.    Look at the photo on Ella's post.


I found colouring and cutting hard blind folded because I didn't know where to go. Katlin helped me after I helped her. I think it must be hard for children who are blind.

Being blind

We had to colour in Hedgie the hedgehog.  We had to put on his suit and hat. When I was blindfolded it was really hard because I could only just see a tiny bit of the picture.  I think it must be really hard for children who are blind.

Disability with your eye

On Thursday we learnt how it is to be partly blind! We could just see what we were cutting out and coloring in. The class had to color in Hedgie the hedgehog cut him out and fit him out with some clothes. I had to tell Jeremy what color the crayons are and direct him in the lines.

The beejar

Today at school we learnt about the bee jar. Whenever we do something good we get a marble in the bee jar. When the marbles get as high as the line we get a class reward. I think that this is a very clever idea and I can't wait to get started.

My puppy

Today my little puppy came to school. I showed the class by going around and letting people pat her. She is 7 weeks old and very playful. Heaps of kids told me she is very cute and she also went into my brothers' class.

Buddy Writing

Today we went to buddy writing. We got new buddies to write with.  My buddy was James and Glen had Mason.  It is fun reading out the stories at the end because they can come up with some good stories.

Buddy writing

On Wednesday I go to buddy writing and this is what we do:

  1. Sit on the mat and listen to see what they have to do
  2. Get your buddy
  3. Get their writing book and pencil
  4. Go find a seat and let your buddy sit on it
  5. Start writing
I learnt some things from the five year olds, like how to write more neatly and learnt how to spell more.  Today I got a new buddy and Anne gave us something to write about. Today it was about a hot air balloon.  What do you see?  What colour is it? How do you feel?

Buddy writing with the new entrance class

Every Wednesday we go to Room 17 (the new entrants class), for writing . The little kids usually make up the story, like a trip to the park or QEII.  My buddy is Lara and some days Anne gets photos out of the paper and the kids describe the photo.  The kids chose if they want to do the picture first or, last but they usually do the picture first or don't do a picture at all. We write what the little kids say.  Most of the girls write about pixies, fairies and more.  The boys write about Batman, Superman, spiderman and more.  :)

Buddy Writing in room 17

Today part of Room 5 went to room 17 for buddy writing. I was lucky to have one of 17 little kids.  I got Izak. All the kids are fun to work with and they have cool stories.

Buddy Writing

Every Wednesday, most of the people in Room 5 give up there learning time to go do writing with the new entrants in Room 17. We have our own little buddies to work with. They are supposed to tell us big buddies their story and we write them in their book. It sure is amazing that such little kids have such big imaginations. They think of stuff like a king dying because of  his castle blowing up and fairy princesses shopping at a magic mall. To make it better, we go back every week.

Buddy Writing

Today it is wedensday which is good because we get to do buddy writing! We do it with the  new entrants in room 17. We help the children write when they have a good idea, and sometimes we have to do it about a picture. Like today, we did a picture of a hot air balloon. Each of us has a different buddy. We have lots of fun. At the end we share our stories with the rest of the class. Here are some pictures.

Lucan's Limerick

Demolitian part 2 - In a land land far away...

Building demolishing Part 1

In the holidays I took footage of the demolishing of the classrooms and I ate popcorn while watching the digger. I got to smash the windows with rocks, big ones too.

Do you know your triangles?

Last term we learnt about different triangles using pretzels. You have to be fast with this game! How well did you do?  If you can't remember anything about triangles click on the label 'Isaac,' as he's posted information up about isosceles triangles, scalene triangles and equilateral triangles.

What size and weight?

Transformation - How good are your powers?

Angles - How good are your angles?

Snakey Love

What a great way to end the last day of term. After many of the children completed their 'must do's,' they could get cracking on the 'can do.' They were set a challenge. A blob of old plasticine, some blocks of wood (optional), anything else they might find around the classroom. Their task was to create an animation about anything.

They were given about 2 hours to create their story. Some groups got the odd hand in shot, some had problems with the light...these are the dramas of animation.  Superb social skills and collaborative teamwork was observed. This was a very positive learning experience and I'll post some of their efforts.
I have to stay I'm very exicited as to what will be created when they get to design their set, develop a storyboard and really think about how they could tell a story that is visually gripping.

Now, remember we all have to start somewhere. Let's take a wee trip back in time. Click here to watch a movie called Viaje a la Luna, de Georges Méliès (1902). Some of you might think that name sounds familiar. Brian Selznick based one of his characters on this man, and 'The Man in the Moon,' in the Story of Hugo Cabret.

What Helen from Amnesty International had to say

Helen talked about Human Rights and Children’s Rights.  Some people have to live in boxes, do not have tops, pants, shoes and socks. Some people kidnap kids from 8 to 16 years to be child soldiers and make them hold a gun and shoot at other kids.  Then when they get home to their parents they may feel guilty, sad, upset and feel sorry for the people they shot.  Some Human Rights are: to eat and drink, to be safe, to learn, to respect and fair treatment, to be yourself, to have friends, to make your own decisions. Helen said kids are in coco farms and have to work 16 hours a day, for 7 days a week. They get no holidays ever. They stop at an age and get married and have a family.
                                    YOU SOULD CARE!!!
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