What a great way to end the last day of term. After many of the children completed their 'must do's,' they could get cracking on the 'can do.' They were set a challenge. A blob of old plasticine, some blocks of wood (optional), anything else they might find around the classroom. Their task was to create an animation about anything.

They were given about 2 hours to create their story. Some groups got the odd hand in shot, some had problems with the light...these are the dramas of animation.  Superb social skills and collaborative teamwork was observed. This was a very positive learning experience and I'll post some of their efforts.
I have to stay I'm very exicited as to what will be created when they get to design their set, develop a storyboard and really think about how they could tell a story that is visually gripping.

Now, remember we all have to start somewhere. Let's take a wee trip back in time. Click here to watch a movie called Viaje a la Luna, de Georges Méliès (1902). Some of you might think that name sounds familiar. Brian Selznick based one of his characters on this man, and 'The Man in the Moon,' in the Story of Hugo Cabret.

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