I think homework should be banned!

Point 1
Should we have homework?
We don't think so, don't we have the right to make our own decisions.  Yes we do!  Homework is just more school work right?  Kids slave away doing schoolwork for 30 hours a week!  And what do they come home to on Friday?  Two hours of homework.

Point 2
Does homework come from trees?
Yes, it does as paper comes from trees!  Hey people, we are not smashing CO2.  Each tree cut down downgrades our CO2 defence levels.  Homework kills trees.

Point 3
Do we get enough fresh air?
No, we don't!   We are locked inside doing homework and not getting enough fresh air.  Children should be outside playing.

In conculsion I think homework should be inilated completely, you already know all of your homework.

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