Disability and Discrimination

Room 5 are nearing the end of the 'Fuel Up' stage and will soon be working on their own inquiries.  The activity the children experienced today was called 'Blindfolded,' Don't look, just listen!  I found a role of pink stiffening like material in the cupboard, so they became our scarves.  This role play allowed the children to step into the shoes of someone who is partially sighted.  They worked with a buddy and had to colour a hedgehog paper animal, cut it out and put this together.

The other buddy had to support the child blindfolded, like making sure they had the right coloured crayons or giving them directions when cutting out their hedgehog.

After this we talked about children with disabilities and decided that they could do everything that able-bodied children could.  It's just that they might have to do it a different way (or used modified equipment).

The children then mentioned some adults that had a disability, like Ray Charles and the scientist Stephen Hawking.

Do you know of anyone else?

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