We just got some great photos from Mr Walsh - where do you think he could be?


On Thursday 26th August 2010 Freeville School's Kapahaka group performed in front of the school.  We have been practising at home with the poi and we use a CD to help us.  On Tuesday 31st August we will be performing in the Town Hall, as part of the Cultural Festival. We get to perform first!  We are feeling really nervous because last year we were about the third performance.

Room 5's Book Characters

Can you spot: Spiderman, the Mad Hatter, a fairy, a character from Beacon Street Girls - Out of Bounds, the bunnies from Alice in Wonderland, Skateboarders, Indiana Jones, Greg from The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Barbie, Alex Rider, The Saggy Baggy Elephant, Me Myself and I, Superman, The Grinch whole Stole Christmas, Hagrid, Harry Potter, Dan Carhill - 39 Clues and Simon from The City of Bones.  To see clearer photos of us click on 'Our Photos' to the right.

Dancing Book Characters

Thanks to the generous Grinch

At the end the day, on a Friday afternoon, the Grinch surprised us all!  He'd brought to school a giant red bag full of parcels.  What excitement!  We all waited eagerly to open our bundle.  At 3 pm we all left the classroom chewing Hubba Bubba.   I was lucky enough to open up a parcel with jelly - tonights dinner!  Thanks to Glen and his mother for taking the time to individually wrap about 28 parcels.

Clifford's Jump Jam

Shawnee and Tim here, we're talking about Clifford's final jam. Today Clifford was out doing jump jam.  The song was who let the dogs out and star wars.  Clifford is  

The return of Clifford the BIG red dog

Breaking NEWS Clifford was last seen at QEII and is on the loose again.
Who is Clifford?

Breaking news...Big red dog on the loose

Hi everybody I'm Glen. I'm reporting on the outstanding incident of Clifford.  Yes, that's right, it is Clifford here at Freeville School. It was so amazing! Unfortunately he didn't like too many pictures, so we needed to be sneaky, and he had to go so early. But it was so cool having him there. I wonder if he will be back that crazy Clifford!

Destination Book Fair 2010 has ARRIVED!

After school on Friday I had an exciting time setting up everything for the book fair.  A great selection of books - click here to see more on the library blog.

Look out for something outside the school gate Monday morning.

Neighbourhood Support Award

At soccer camp I was walking over to the carpark with my Mum and Dad.  It was a really hot day.  I noticed a baby in a car.  There were no windows wound down, so I told my Dad.  My Dad and I walked to the manger of the soccer camp and told him. He anonced it over the loud speakers and the parents went to the car and got the baby out. Then today I got an award. It  had a lollipop, a keyring, a certificite and more.

WWII Shape Poem

Umbrella Shape Poem

Mammoth Shape Poem

Linday's Killer Scorpion

My scorpion is poisonous and deadly!  Scorpions live in the hot sand, in the dessert.  They have sharp teeth to nip people.  I used Morphun blocks to make my Scorpion.

Ripper with the All Blacks

On Monday after school, I went to QE2 stadium to play in a ripper tournament with my rugby team. The All Blacks were there. It was very exciting having them join us. A few other people from our team and myself got to give a demonstration for "What Now" on TV2. Here are some photos, one with me, Sam Whitelock and Aaron Cruden, and also one of us playing (the arrow is pointing to me). We got lots of autographs, including Dan Carter's. I scored seven tries and had a great time. Thanks All Blacks!

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