Breaking news...Big red dog on the loose

Hi everybody I'm Glen. I'm reporting on the outstanding incident of Clifford.  Yes, that's right, it is Clifford here at Freeville School. It was so amazing! Unfortunately he didn't like too many pictures, so we needed to be sneaky, and he had to go so early. But it was so cool having him there. I wonder if he will be back that crazy Clifford!


  1. Poor Clifford must have eaten a rotten bone yesterday as he was not here at school today. although when I was driving home yesterday I saw a flash of red over by QE2. I also saw a really long leash and someone being pulled along, actually nearly flying, by this rather large animal, on reflection I think that it may have been Clifford.

  2. We really enjoyed the Book Fair, we liked the costumes and the other teachers coming around and reading. Thank you Ms K for organising it all as it was so much fun.


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