On Thursday 26th August 2010 Freeville School's Kapahaka group performed in front of the school.  We have been practising at home with the poi and we use a CD to help us.  On Tuesday 31st August we will be performing in the Town Hall, as part of the Cultural Festival. We get to perform first!  We are feeling really nervous because last year we were about the third performance.


  1. I really enjoyed watching the Kapahaka performance this morning, such an impressive performance. You are the only two children from Room 5 in the Kapahaka group. Well done to you both, you've put in so much time and effort. I was so impressed. The haka the boys performed nearly made me want to hide. It was so powerful and authentic. Best of luck for your performance! Elizabeth

  2. I wish that I got to see it - Good luck for the Cultural Festival :)

  3. I am sure that you will be just fantastic. I am so sorry not to have seen it on Thursday but I was on a course. I heard that you were all fantastic.


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