Koru Art

This is my art work. I like the colours, the best part I think is the blending and the little one in the middle. I picked these colours because they are bright and they mix well especially the greens. 

Koru Art

This art took me ages. I'm most pleased with the blending, and the shape. We are working on our koru art we are blending pastels into our designs.  We are working on A2 pieces of paper.  


Where the heck am I?

Where am I?  I'm near QE2.  Tom's on the left I'm in the middle Tim's on the right. 

Where in the North Island am I

1.  Rhymes with Tiger bay?

2. Top of one island and the bottom of another?

3. What is the name of this native bird?

4. It is a nature park and a home to the historic Anatoki eels.  Where is it?

5. Golden beaches, lots of tramping tracks and very popular for camping. What is the name of this cool place? 


World Maths DAY 3rd March

What a great event to get involved in - get practising now! Each child will bring home a laminated card with their username and password.

They can then change their avatar and start versing children from all over the world!

Check out the World Maths Day website!  
click here

Where am I stuck?

Can you guess where I went in the last week of the holidays. Clue: the right way out is in the shape of a tractor.  

Where is the falls?

Where was I?  I'll give you a clue... it had access to a pool and beach, with water balloon volleyball!  By Reuben

Giant Ants

Ooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee day...

I went on my christmas holiday to a wood place.

The guy had crafty crafts and metal.

There was a giant giant ant it was amazing.

But dniwer first I saw just a giant ant.

It was awe inspiring, quite a breath taker.

It was kind of fantasy mix mastered with reality.

Oh by the way I would hate to role down a hill in one of those spike balls.


My Robot

On Wednesday I made a robot out of cardboard.  It had legs and ams and a can for a head. 

A chocolate treat...

In the holidays I wanted a special chocolate! It had to be light and creamy...a special shape and stand out from the crowd?

A clue..the first name rhymes with judge, and the judges chambers aren't very far away! Elizabeth

Where's Isaac (inspired by Where's Wally)

Isaac here. I went somewhere in the holidays, and you have to guess where I went. Leave your guesses in the comment area. Here are some clues:

  • It's a different town in each picture
  • Another clue is that they are both in the south island
Good luck Isaac watchers.

Tēnā koutou, e hoa mā

Tēnā koutou, e hoa mā     (Greetings, oh friends)

Kua tae mai nei i tēnei rā (Arrived here this day)
Nö reira rā, e hoa mā       (Therefore, oh friends)
Kia ora rā, koutou katoa   (Good health, to you all)
Kua rongo hoki ahau        (I had heard of course)
Kua rongo hoki ahau        (I had heard of course)
Kua rongo hoki ahau        (I had heard of course)
Kei te haere mai koutou   (That you were all coming)
Nö reira rā, e hoa mā       (Therefore, oh friends)
Kia ora rā, koutou katoa   (Good health, to you all)

This is the song to learn for the Powhiri tomorrow.
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