The Outlook for Someday...

The Award ceremony…the first two photos courtesy of The Outlook for Someday image gallery.

Room 6 won the Media Empowerment Award.

Maisie collecting the certificate from Damian Christie of
Maisie with Damian and film maker Andrew Adamson….

A very large bauble in the Aotea Square...

A short movie showing Maisie receiving the award on behalf of Room 6. Maisie wrote her speech and she spoke confidently and clearly.

The Outlook for Someday - The Bucket Fairy

Room 6 are one of the winning films for The Outlook for Someday.

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Meet the puppeteers…

Digital Pet Day 2013

Welcome to Room 6's Digital Pet Day 2013!

Click on the label 'Digital Pet Day 2013' to view all of our pet posts, or click on your child's name in the labels.  What do you think of our pets?

Here's our best dressed pets!

Nella is set for the beach!
Best dress guinea pig… Batman looks like he's waiting for Christmas...
Can you see the Puss in Boots?  Who's had their hair streaked?  Is that a pink bunny?

The Teacher's Pets...

Digital Pet Day: My Pets

BLAVEN: This is Blaven he's my dog. He is 6 years old and he is a boy. He is black with a bit of ginger. He is very fluffy and loves to bark and get taken for a walk.

This is me when I was little with Blaven….Do you think I look like my pet?
CHEWY: This is Chewy he's my rabbit. He is 4 years old and he is a boy. He's black with a bit of white. He is very soft and he eats any thing you give him and he loves to relax.

Chewy dressed up!
MISCHIEF: Mischief is my rabbit. She is 11 months old. She is white and black. She loves to dig holes and be naughty. In fact when she was little I woke up in the morning and I saw a white and black thing hoping in the garden and that was her.

PATCHES: Patches is 1years old and he is a boy. He is white black and ginger. He does nothing at all.

LONDON:  This is London and he is 1and he is a boy. He is white and ginger. He loves going up and down the ramp.

Do you like London's hairdo?

My cat Buddy

                                                         Buddy is having a sleep on my bed...

This is Buddy the cat.  He is 5 years old.  In the first and forth photo I am feeding Buddy his treat (he gets them when he is good.)  The best pet story: Once when I woke up in the morning I got my school uniform on and when I went to put on my shoes...THERE WAS A MOUSE!!  Mmmmm must be my breakfast.  Thank you Buddy!

My cat Baxter...

My cat's name is Baxter.  I only have one pet.  He is so silly he drinks from the shower even when it is running.  He is 16 years old.  My cat is a tom cat.  He is a big grey cat with large green eyes.  Baxter has a big long tail with a long strait back.  He likes to sleep, he likes to eat and he likes to meow.  He needs lots of food.

My cat Arthur

This is my cat Arthur, his breed is a Persian and he is 5yrs old we got him from the Cat's Protection and he had to get all his fur shaved off when they found him. Arthur's fur is black and his personality is awesome.  He thinks he's the king of the jungle and never let's other cats in his territory.

Arthur needs lots of brushing.  Mum or I have to do his eyes with a cloth because he can't clean his eyes and they get lots of junk in them.  Arthur can be silly because once when he was on my bed he was rolling around and he fell off my bed.  It was so funny because he was just hanging there with his claws stuck into the covers.  Sometimes he plays with a cat-nip ball that's really fluffy and is woolen, so it gets stuck in his claws and he goes CRAZY! He also plays with string and runs around the house with all sorts of pens.

My Cat Mojo...

My pet's name is Mojo and she is 14 cat years old.  Mojo is drunk in this photo with a bottle cap on her head.  Mojo is black and white and cheeky.

Nathan's digital pet day 2013

My pets names are Sparky, Candis, Stacey, Genie and my two hens died.  I got Sparky from the SPCA.  He was found in Burwood Forest and he is 4 years old.  He likes to play X-Box games.  Genie likes to sleep in my draw at night and she is 13 years old. She has black hair and grass green eyes. Also I have two hens that do nothing but eat.

Oakley's pet

I have a dog and he is called Moko.  He is a light and dark brown dog.  He has a thin tail and stays at my Dad's house because he bites my gate.  I used to have another dog and he was called Sasha.  He stayed at my house, but he jumped over our fence. 

My cat Blinkey

This is my pet Blinkey.  She is 8 years old and she is pure white.  She is called Blinkey because when she was little Blinkey wouldn't stop blinking.  At night she would come into my, room jump on my bed, and push me into the wall.  My best pet story is when she is inside and there is a bird outside, Blinkey can see it and she will hit the window with her head.

My cool dogs!

I have two dogs.  The black dog is Roxy and the other one is Tisy. Roxy is 10 years old. Tisy is 8 years old but he is almost 9 years old. We got Tisy when I was a baby. When Tisy was little Roxy got attacked by three big dogs and she had scratches and bites on her.  Tisy was chained up on his kennel and so Dad let him off and he head butted one dog and knocked him out cold. He was the size of guinea pig.                                                                                                                               

Ebony, Indy, Gipsey, Tiara, Latta, Chocolate and Honey

I have seven pets they are called: Ebony, Indy, Gypsy, Tiara, Letta, Chocolate and Honey.
My puppy Ebony is 9 months old and she is tiny and fluffy.  Her body is the size of my Mum's handbag.  She is skinny.  I have four dogs, two rats and one cat.  I love my pets. My pets are cute.

My cat Max

Our cat Max on his meat mat!
This is my cat, Max.  He is a Tabby.  We got him from the Cat's Protection League when he was 7 months old, now he is 3 years old.

One day I made Max a mat for when we feed him, a couple of days later my Mum wanted to call it the meat mat, so I did.  Max sits on his meat mat when he wants to be fed and just before we put his bowl down to feed him.  Max is a very very friendly.

Elliot in his bed

My dog's name is Elliot.  He is a Jack Russell. He is white with brown ears. When I feed him he gets excited and does a little dance. When he is really excited he races around the room and jumps on the furniture. His bottom teeth stick out and looks like he is smiling. Elliot was in a title sequence from a V48 hour Film. The audience loved him. In the car Elliot likes to stand on me and stick his head out the window.  I love Elliot and I 'm glad he's in my family.

My cat Monty

I have a pet cat called Monty.  Monty has black fur with brown eyes.  His tail is more wishy than a mop.  Monty is a serious cat and if you mess with him you might want to back off.  He loves sloppy
fish.  He is a grandpa and is 9 years old.  He looks old.  Monty is a very competitive cat.  He loves
girls. When we went to the vet and bought him he was very shy.  Every time we looked
at him he kept turning the opposite way.  When we went to look at the other animals Monty scratched my little brother on the arm. My brother made him angry by touching his tail.  Monty's favorite toy is Mickey.  Mickey is a rat. Mickey is brown and grey.  He chases him like mad.  Like its a real rat!

My dog and cat are cute!

We call my dog Fatty or Sartin or Puppy.  My cat's name is Spooky and he's annoying.  But he's cute and black.  His eyes are green and my dog is black and ginger.  My dog has got brown eyes  my dog sleeps in a black and white kennel.  Spooky sleeps in my Mum's room.  Sometimes my pets sleep together.

My guinea pig Batman

My guinea pigs name is Batman. We got him from trade me with his brother that sadly died.  He is black with a big brown patch on his back and he also has a white triangle on his face.  His favorite foods are grass, apples and carrots.   
He will eat a truck load of food and still won't be full!  He is shy of new people that he has never seen.  When batman hears a plastic bag he goes crazy because he thinks it is food.  He is three or four years old.  Batman is my favorite pet.  Batman is a super guinea pig! 

Digital Pet Day: Max and Garth

My animal's names are called Max and Garth.  Max is six years old and Garth is one years old. Max has black, brownish goldish and white fur. Garth has ginger and white fur. Max is a softy because he is so gentle and he wont hurt any other dog.  He is also cuddly and he loves pats. Garth is playful because he always plays a lot and he loves to play hide and seek on his own.  Garth eats cat meat and cat whiskers biscuits.  Max eats dog roll and sometimes he has his treats when he doesn't scab around people, his treats are biscuits. Garth sometimes sleeps on my bed when I don't realise until he starts chewing or moving then I wake up. Max loves sleeping on Nikkita's bed.


My dog Jack

My dogs name is Jack and he is 16 years old we got him at the pound. He is white with a couple of black spots and brown silky ears. His favourite game is sleep in the sunshine and ride in the car. We called him Jack because his breed is a Jack Russel. When he wants food he scratches his bowl or water. He can open doors with his nose.




This is my cat CC who is about to have a sleep, she looks pretty angry. We got CC from the SPCA.  We don't know if she was a stray cat or a stray cat's kitten. When we first got CC we were driving home she was in a box with holes in it my mum was holding the  box on her lap then we heard a "meow" and she piddled all over my mums favorite jeans!

My Cat Woody...

My cat is Woody and she was seventeen years old. He got this name because of an old TV show called 'Cheers' and the to main characters were Sam and Woody. They were brothers and so were our cats. 

Woody got stolen in February 1994 and taken to Bromley. My mum was on her honeymoon.  When they got back the the people that were helping thought that she was a boy because she was ginger and her name is a bit boyish.  My Mum rang up a few vets and we got her back.  Woody had a favourite spot on the edge of the couch in the sun.  She loved being warm.

Woody died in 2011 because of kidney failure.  I miss her, so so much!

My dog Nella

My dog's name is Nella.  She is seven or eight years old.  My dog is a Neapolitan mastiff cross, but we don't know what she's crossed with.  My dog is black with big chops.  My dog lasts one minuet of sprinting then she collapses.  Nella is very funny.  One day at the beach she rolled in a dead fish.  My dog needs lots of love.  We got Nella from the SPCA.  One day the end of her ear was bitten off.  Nella   loves to play with a tennis balls, but she never picks it up she just runs it over.  I love my dog Nella.

My chicken Brownie...

My pet is a chicken called Brownie. She is called Brownie because is brown. She has a bright red crown on her head.  She is the colour of light golden brown with skin colour legs.  Brownie has beady black eyes and a little beak.

She is cute and soft and loves to eat grass.  If she finds a snail she eats the inside of the snail first.
She eats the shell by smashing it to pieces.  She only bites if she is angry, but not very hard.

Brownies needs... Brownie needs to drink lots of water every day and needs to eat special pellets every day to help lay good eggs.

She loves having a good dust bath in dirt and follows me around to see what I'm doing.

My dog Jess

My dog's name is Jess and she is 5 years old. She really likes to play with the ball and begs for treats and biscuits. She lays down a lot and she is black. She loves to be patted, so I do.  She barks at dogs a lot and people.  She wags her tail a lot.  Jess burps a lot near us and it stinks, so we go in the bedroom for a while!

Delly and Roxy

My pets are called Delly and Roxy. Delly is a cat and Roxy is a dog. Roxy has brown fur and Delly has grey fur. Roxy is very energetic because when she gets let out of her kennel she runs round the garden like CRAZY! Delly is grouchy because whenever someone watches her eat her cat biscuits she snarls at them. We got Roxy from Dad's friend. She used to always love pig hunting, but now she doesn't go pig hunting. My cat needs food and water and so does my dog.

No pets!

In rental houses they do not allow pets in the house. That's why they dump them and give them to the SPCA. That is what I am trying to explain it this picture.

Room 6's Digital Pet Day…2013!

Puppets singing 'Pompeii'

Puppets lip syncing the song 'Pompeii,' by Bastille.  Singing around the RED Zone of Freeville School, Christchurch.  This land and housing was severely damaged in the earthquakes.  Many of the houses have now been demolished.

Save the animals

When people have to move out of their house they have to move into a rental. But some rentals can't
have pets, so they dump them in the in the dumpster and they will soon die.

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