the video head lice to dead lice

This video is about head lice and how to get head lice out of children's hair.  This is a very good video because it tells you the things you need to take the lice out of your hair.

Neco and I found this video on YouTube.  In this video it shows you how long to leave the olive oil in your hair.  It takes 8 hours.

Has anyone ever tried using Olive oil?

We're ready for Take Off!

"Kids today have head lice that evolved on two species of cavemen. Once species led to us. The other species went extinct." The Guardian, Thursday 7th October 2004

Our Departure Card...
What we think we know about head lice...
What questions do we have?
Why do they eat your head and drink your blood?

Are you getting your Departure ready for our inquiry?

At the end of Term 1 we came to the end of our immersion stage, the Fuel up, for our inquiry....

Click on the QR Code below....are you ready to share your story?  What do we need to find out?  What are we going to do with the information to make a difference?

Koru Stained Glass windows...

Making our koru patterns 

In room 6 we are learning about koru patterns. We drew koru shapes on paper and used different shades of pastels.  We put them up on our class window.  These are some photos for you to look at, we hope you like them.

Exploring colours and starting our designs.
This is Kaitlin putting oil on her koru design, so you can see threw it when its on the window.
When we where making these, it was so much fun, thank you Miss K for the fun lesson.

Our finished Koru Window Patterns...

Our finished patterns.  What do you think?
Our koru stained glass windows.


Today I found a grasshopper nymph in my garden.  I brought the nymph inside while I grabbed my camera.  As I was taking one of the photos I nearly got hit by a wee piece of flying dung.

The wee can see the buds where the wings will eventually be.
Can you see the nymph?

Food Web Tangle!

This is the food web we had to make.
On Friday we had to make a food web.  We put sticky tape on some kids foreheads. Then we used string to tie together our wrists. Then we had to pull a string if we ate someone, so they would have to pull there string.  I liked this lesson a lot and we hope we do it again sometime.

Tasman with her sticky sticker, she was a caddisfly larvae...
                                                         Demmy she is a koura, a crab.
Who is eating who?

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