Food Web Tangle!

This is the food web we had to make.
On Friday we had to make a food web.  We put sticky tape on some kids foreheads. Then we used string to tie together our wrists. Then we had to pull a string if we ate someone, so they would have to pull there string.  I liked this lesson a lot and we hope we do it again sometime.

Tasman with her sticky sticker, she was a caddisfly larvae...
                                                         Demmy she is a koura, a crab.
Who is eating who?


  1. In an ecosystem=ecological system. Plants and animals are interacting with their environment (weather, sun, soil etc). If something happened to the crab (koura), the crab pulled the string...who felt the string being pulled and what did this mean? Elizabeth

  2. was it fun to


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